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Princess Tiffani Cuck Teases: It’s Pussy for Him, Panties for You

Princess Tiffani is off to stimulate your boss’ package. But before she fucks your superior, she’s going to pull off her lacy panties and dangle them under your nose, as she flips her skirt and flaunts her unattainably hot body in your sad sorry face. Tiffani giggles at your lonely boner and then tosses you her panties – so you can fistfuck them with your futility squirts. Loser!

000604_39tiffboss_still_enlarged_0010_layer1 000604_39tiffboss_still_enlarged_0009_layer2 000604_39tiffboss_still_enlarged_0008_layer3 000604_39tiffboss_still_enlarged_0007_layer4 000604_39tiffboss_still_enlarged_0006_layer5 000604_39tiffboss_still_enlarged_0005_layer6 000604_39tiffboss_still_enlarged_0004_layer7 000604_39tiffboss_still_enlarged_0003_layer8 000604_39tiffboss_still_enlarged_0002_layer9 000604_39tiffboss_still_enlarged_0001_layer10 000604_39tiffboss_still_enlarged_0000_layer11

Creaming Your Worthless Widdle Weewee for Cruel Miss Kendra

Miss Kendra found out you’ve been sneaking fistfuls of her facial cream to jerk your pathetic little peepee. So she replaced her facial cream with penis reduction cream! That’s why your worthless weewee has been getting even smaller! Now Miss Kendra is going to make you jerk off with the small penis cream while she laughs at what a feeble little fuckwit you are.

000603_7kencreme_still_enlarged_0006_layer1 000603_7kencreme_still_enlarged_0005_layer2 000603_7kencreme_still_enlarged_0004_layer3 000603_7kencreme_still_enlarged_0003_layer4 000603_7kencreme_still_enlarged_0002_layer5 000603_7kencreme_still_enlarged_0001_layer6 000603_7kencreme_still_enlarged_0000_layer7

Princess Isobel Takes Your ‘Sissy Temperature’ with Her Pink Probe

Pulling your pants down for the nurse has never been more humiliating than when Isobel pins you down to take your ‘sissy temperature’ with her pink probe. Isobel is going to find out the hard way whether you’re a man – or a sputtering sissy who makes piddle-puddles while getting penetrated.

000606_80isotest_still_enlarged_0005_layer1 000606_80isotest_still_enlarged_0004_layer2 000606_80isotest_still_enlarged_0003_layer3 000606_80isotest_still_enlarged_0002_layer4 000606_80isotest_still_enlarged_0001_layer5 000606_80isotest_still_enlarged_0000_layer6

Menage a Twerp: Danielle and Remi Demand An Ass Worship Session

Pucker up pigsnout, because Danielle and Remi want you to prove how pathetic you are by making you wear an actual pig nose to crawl, grunt and worship their perfect asses – while they verbally demolish you. Do it, piggy: Sniff! Kiss! Press your nose against their thongies and whimper like the dirty ‘lil piglet you are. Maybe they’ll let you oink out the pigsnot.

000605_46drpig_still_enlarged_0009_layer1 000605_46drpig_still_enlarged_0008_layer2 000605_46drpig_still_enlarged_0007_layer3 000605_46drpig_still_enlarged_0006_layer4 000605_46drpig_still_enlarged_0005_layer5 000605_46drpig_still_enlarged_0004_layer6 000605_46drpig_still_enlarged_0003_layer7 000605_46drpig_still_enlarged_0002_layer8 000605_46drpig_still_enlarged_0001_layer9 000605_46drpig_still_enlarged_0000_layer10

Flood Your Pants with Truth Serum for Sadistic Princess Selena

Princess Selena grants you your freedom so that you can go on a date tonight – but only after she destroys your defenses and commands you to demonstrate who and what you really are, by making you fuck your fist and flood your pants with loser goo truth serum; leaving you to go on your date drained, drenched, flaccid, feeble, and totally humiliated by sadistic Selena.

000608_40selruin_still_enlarged_0006_layer1 000608_40selruin_still_enlarged_0005_layer2 000608_40selruin_still_enlarged_0004_layer3 000608_40selruin_still_enlarged_0003_layer4 000608_40selruin_still_enlarged_0002_layer5 000608_40selruin_still_enlarged_0001_layer6 000608_40selruin_still_enlarged_0000_layer7

Is Princess Amy Going to Date You – or Bait You and Humiliate You?

When Princess Amy heard you’d been snapped into a cock cage and denied for a week, she giggled and said ‘Aw, poor baby!’ Now Amy has invited you over to her room while she’s getting dressed for a hot night out. Does Amy intend on unlocking and unleashing you? Or does this gorgeous girl-next-door plan on teasing and denying you, before she ditches you for a date with a real man?

000607_11amydate_still_enlarged_0006_layer1 000607_11amydate_still_enlarged_0005_layer2 000607_11amydate_still_enlarged_0004_layer3 000607_11amydate_still_enlarged_0003_layer4 000607_11amydate_still_enlarged_0002_layer5 000607_11amydate_still_enlarged_0001_layer6 000607_11amydate_still_enlarged_0000_layer7

Agony Arousal with a 19-yr old Bikini Bitch: Your Keyholder Princess Lily

Princess Lily demanded to be your keyholder. In her high heels and tiny bikini, bratty Lily intends on flaunting her assets in your face and torturing your most vulnerable parts with her long sharp fingernails until the tears of agony are running down your face, and the gobs of futility are flowing through your cockcage. Beg Lily for your release, loser. Your agony amuses her. Your suffering makes her smile.

000612_40lilychas_still_enlarged_0009_Layer 1 000612_40lilychas_still_enlarged_0008_Layer 2 000612_40lilychas_still_enlarged_0007_Layer 3 000612_40lilychas_still_enlarged_0006_Layer 4 000612_40lilychas_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 5 000612_40lilychas_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 6 000612_40lilychas_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 7 000612_40lilychas_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 8 000612_40lilychas_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 9 000612_40lilychas_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 10

Caught, Chastised & Caged: Goddess Rhianna Locks You into Chastity

You. Pathetic. Dreamer. When Goddess Rhianna discovers you’ve soiled her panties with a feeble expression of your unrequited lust, Rhianna’s resolve is swift and severe. An emasculating dressing down leads to the ‘strip and present’ command. You are about to be shamefully exposed and mercilessly punished by a key-dangling ice princess whose beauty is matched only by the depths of her cruelty.

000609_44rhiachas_still_enlarged_0006_layer1 000609_44rhiachas_still_enlarged_0005_layer2 000609_44rhiachas_still_enlarged_0004_layer3 000609_44rhiachas_still_enlarged_0003_layer4 000609_44rhiachas_still_enlarged_0002_layer5 000609_44rhiachas_still_enlarged_0001_layer6 000609_44rhiachas_still_enlarged_0000_layer7

Pigsnot for Princess: Will Snarky Princess Remi Command U To Cum?

Princess Remi reams you out for being a pathetic little fistfucker, pulling your worthless pigtail at, hoping for the cum command, so you can plaster your computer screen with pigsnot love squirts for your goddess. Will Remi command you to cum after she finishes abusing you? Or will she dismiss you with nothing but a throbbing stub and fistful of precum?

000611_15remihumx_still_enlarged_0009_layer1 000611_15remihumx_still_enlarged_0008_layer2 000611_15remihumx_still_enlarged_0007_layer3 000611_15remihumx_still_enlarged_0006_layer4 000611_15remihumx_still_enlarged_0005_layer5 000611_15remihumx_still_enlarged_0004_layer6 000611_15remihumx_still_enlarged_0003_layer7 000611_15remihumx_still_enlarged_0002_layer8 000611_15remihumx_still_enlarged_0001_layer9 000611_15remihumx_still_enlarged_0000_layer10

Poker Night Emasculation: You Are Miss Kendra’s Sissy Servant

Miss Kendra has arranged a night of poker for her dominant girlfriends. Guess who’s going to light their cigars and buff their spike heels? You are, sweet cheeks, in a frilly lace sissy maid uniform. The guest list includes your ex-girlfriend and one of your female co-workers. Any lapses in sissy decorum will result in an attitude adjustment session – with your panties pulled down in front of the ladies.

000610_53kenpoke_still_enlarged_0008_layer1 000610_53kenpoke_still_enlarged_0007_layer2 000610_53kenpoke_still_enlarged_0006_layer3 000610_53kenpoke_still_enlarged_0005_layer4 000610_53kenpoke_still_enlarged_0004_layer5 000610_53kenpoke_still_enlarged_0003_layer6 000610_53kenpoke_still_enlarged_0002_layer7 000610_53kenpoke_still_enlarged_0001_layer8 000610_53kenpoke_still_enlarged_0000_layer9