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Small Cock Condom Humiliation with Princess Tiffani

OMG loser! Princess Tiffani brought you back to the sorority house and was gonna let you get it on with her – until you pulled out your tiny peanut pee pee and put on your teensy tiny condom! HA HA HA! Tiffani strips the itty bitty condom off your weewee and makes you spank off into one of her bf’s massive XL condoms, as she teases you and laughs at you.

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Cum Command Training with Strict Miss Kendra

In her fetish gear and thigh high dominatrix boots, Miss Kendra caught you making ‘puppy panties’ in her hamper. Now she is going to humiliate you by putting you thru a degrading doggy discipline lesson. Collared, leashed, and muzzled, you will learn to beg, heel and ‘cum’ – into your doggy dish – at Miss Kendra’s command. Then you get to lick it all up.

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Make FUCKFACE for Cruel Princess ALYSSA

This Italian-American princess likes her men long, thick and hard – which is why you spent last night in the closet with her panty hamper while she spent the night with your boss.  Princess Alyssa loves to humiliate little dick losers like you. Doggie-style butt worship, ass kissing, creampie sniffing and a humiliating small penis jerkoff command session await you. Ready to lick his up and squirt yours out for Princess Alyssa?

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You are sooo busted, loser. Princess Selena is gonna turn you into her cuckyfuck sissibitch tonite. But first you have to go to work in a buttplug and sissy panties, so you can loosen up for Selena’s 8.5″ cherry-buster and stagger around bowlegged for all the giggling secretaries before Selena grabs you by the hair, sticks it in your mouth, jams it down your throat, crams it up your crack and makes you ride it girlystyle. “I’m your s-s-sissibitch, Princess Selena.” Say it with a lisp, cockslut.

000639_selenacuck6_still_500x375_0005_layer1 000639_selenacuck6_still_500x375_0004_layer2 000639_selenacuck6_still_500x375_0003_layer3 000639_selenacuck6_still_500x375_0002_layer4 000639_selenacuck6_still_500x375_0001_layer5 000639_selenacuck6_still_500x375_0000_layer6

DO it in his dirty condom for Princess SELENA

It was emasculating when Princess Selena kicked you into her closet so you’d have to hear your real man rival do the job you’re not man enough to even dream about.  Now Selena calls you out of the closet so that she can rub your second-place status in your face. She’s dangling the two cum-filled XL condoms your rival wore when he fucked her. What do you think she’s gonna make you do with his cum-drenched fuckbags, huh weakling?

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Princess TIFFANI needs a CLEAN-UP CUCK

What a lucky piggy you are. After a party with the jockboy frat, our sorority house is totally trashed with our shredded panties, ripped up lingerie and sticky glooby XL condoms splattered all over.  Cancel your plans, loser, cuz we need a cuck slave to handwash our dirty panties, scrub our filthy toilets (bring yer toothbrush), and go on a treasure hunt to find EVERY ONE of those loaded condoms, fresh off the monster cocks of our bull jock studz. Get down on all fours, piglet, cuz Princess Tiffani is ready to make you lick it, suck it and swallow it.

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When Princess Dawnavon invited you over to her room and told you to bring condoms, did you REALLY think it was gonna be YOUR lucky night? LOL! Whatever, Little Mister Dreamer Creamer Pantz.  Dawnavon has plans for you tonite, but they’re more likely to take place beneath her bed than on top.  But who knows. Maybe you’ll impress her with your, um, m-m-manly manhood.

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Princess LILY PIMPS you OUT

Spoiled, sadistic and stunningly gorgeous, Princess Lily is a valleygirl mallbrat who turns tent-pants losers like you into her sugardaddy sissyslaves.  When Lily’s gangsta BF finds out about you, are you in for a beatdown? Or will Lily save your pansy ass by doing your hair, nails and makeup… teaching you to suck cock… passing you off as an ugly sorority slut… and pimping you out to her BF’s crew. Only the convincingness of your cocksucking skills can save you now. Lick your lips for Princess Lily.

000643_lilycuck2_still_500x375_0009_layer1 000643_lilycuck2_still_500x375_0008_layer2 000643_lilycuck2_still_500x375_0007_layer3 000643_lilycuck2_still_500x375_0006_layer4 000643_lilycuck2_still_500x375_0005_layer5 000643_lilycuck2_still_500x375_0004_layer6 000643_lilycuck2_still_500x375_0003_layer7 000643_lilycuck2_still_500x375_0002_layer8 000643_lilycuck2_still_500x375_0001_layer9 000643_lilycuck2_still_500x375_0000_layer10