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Fake Pussy for a Little Wussy: Jerkoff Tease Humiliation with Princess Tiffani

Princess Tiffani takes you into her bedroom, only to belittle your tiny package and compare you to her massive boyfriend. After showing you what she lets her boyfriend do to her, she teases you with a fake pussy between her legs and taunts you into spanking out your pathetic spitload while she laughs at you. Prepare for pinky pulls, girly giggles, lots of laughing and pointing at you while you blob out the futility squirts for superhottie Princess Tiffani.

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Small Penis Humiliation Assignment : Miss Kendra’s Sissy Bow Boy

Cunning Miss Kendra weakens your real-man resolve with her lace-top stockings, her see-thru lingerie and her sexy heels. She teases your worthless little stiffy until you break down and admit that you’re a feeble, pathetic wanna-be sissy. Armed with the power to expose and destroy you, Miss Kendra forces you to complete an emasculating public humiliation assignment, involving a tube of red lipstick and a silky pink ribbon.

000662_kendrabowboy_still_500x375_0007_layer1 000662_kendrabowboy_still_500x375_0006_layer2 000662_kendrabowboy_still_500x375_0005_layer3 000662_kendrabowboy_still_500x375_0004_layer4 000662_kendrabowboy_still_500x375_0003_layer5


Sized-Up, Stripped Down & Sissified: Lifestyle Diva Leah Emasculates You

After sizing up your laughably inadequate little package, Lifestyle Diva Leah decides to strip you down, slap you around and force you into sissymaid servitude. You will attend your stunningly gorgeous mistress in her bedroom while wearing your humiliating sissymaid uniform. Your duties will include panty laundering, condom cleanup and anything else this deviant dominant diva demands. No matter how degrading.

000663_leahsissy_still_500x375_0006_layer1 000663_leahsissy_still_500x375_0005_layer2 000663_leahsissy_still_500x375_0004_layer3 000663_leahsissy_still_500x375_0003_layer4 000663_leahsissy_still_500x375_0002_layer5 000663_leahsissy_still_500x375_0001_layer6 000663_leahsissy_still_500x375_0000_layer7


Up All Nite: You Are Princess Selena’s Sleep-Deprived Worship Stroking Wussy

Your sorry secret sex life consists of Princess Selena’s cruel commands, your lubed up fist, and a pair of sissy panties. Tonight Selena turns your weakness into an obsession. Got a date with HER tomorrow? TOO BAD. The eve of your anniversary? GOOD. HA HA. Tough luck for her, fist-fucker. Your dumbloads belong to Selena, not her, and your cruel Princess intends on proving it by humiliating you, draining you, depleting you and owning you. All night long.

000664_selenaobsess_still_500x375_0010_layer1 000664_selenaobsess_still_500x375_0009_layer2 000664_selenaobsess_still_500x375_0008_layer3 000664_selenaobsess_still_500x375_0007_layer4 000664_selenaobsess_still_500x375_0001_layer10 000664_selenaobsess_still_500x375_0000_layer11


“Is Sissy Jealous? Awwww.” Princess Rhianna Cuckold Humiliates You

It makes Princess Rhianna laugh. How you pout and seethe with jealousy when her real-man boyfriends come to date her, and you get sent home with a snap of your sissy panties and a stiff throbbing stubby. Poor cucky. But just WHO is it that you’re jealous of? Are you jealous of Rhianna’s boyfriends? Or are you SISSY jealous? Jealous of your mistress. Her feminine curves. Her pouty lips. How she keeps her men satisfied. Hmm Sisssssy?

000665_rhiannajealous_still_500x375_0005_layer1 000665_rhiannajealous_still_500x375_0004_layer2 000665_rhiannajealous_still_500x375_0003_layer3 000665_rhiannajealous_still_500x375_0002_layer4 000665_rhiannajealous_still_500x375_0001_layer5 000665_rhiannajealous_still_500x375_0000_layer6


You Are Puppy Pantz for Princess Dawnavon

Princess Dawnavon loves to lead you on. She knows you are totally ‘puppy pants’ for her leather miniskirt, her long sexy legs and her 5-inch primadonna pumps. She’s going to make you crawl and beg to worship her pretty feet before she commands you to ‘do it’ in your doggie dish while she sneers at how pathetic you are. Ready to be collared, leashed and played for a pig by a slyly sadistic sorority chick? On your knees for Princess. Now.

000666_dawnpuppy_still_500x375_0007_layer1 000666_dawnpuppy_still_500x375_0006_layer2 000666_dawnpuppy_still_500x375_0005_layer3 000666_dawnpuppy_still_500x375_0004_layer4 000666_dawnpuppy_still_500x375_0003_layer5 000666_dawnpuppy_still_500x375_0002_layer6 000666_dawnpuppy_still_500x375_0001_layer7 000666_dawnpuppy_still_500x375_0000_layer8


Rude Cuckolding: Princess Selena Strips You of Your Manhood

“Did you put it in yet?!?” Your feeble, fumbling, failed attempt to please Princess Selena has her enraged. She strips you of your pathetic, prematurely globbed-up rubbers, slaps you into emasculating rhumba panties, mocks you and makes you choke down your mess before sending you crawling into the guest room. So you can press your ear up against the wall, suck your paci, rub your nubby and listen to her boyfriend do the job you’re too feeble to finish.

000667_selenacucksis_still_500x375_0012_layer1 000667_selenacucksis_still_500x375_0011_layer2 000667_selenacucksis_still_500x375_0009_layer4 000667_selenacucksis_still_500x375_0008_layer5 000667_selenacucksis_still_500x375_0007_layer6 000667_selenacucksis_still_500x375_0006_layer7 000667_selenacucksis_still_500x375_0005_layer8 000667_selenacucksis_still_500x375_0004_layer9


Outfit Tester Humiliation: Snotty Hottie Amy Sends You To Your Knees

Snobby superhottie Princess Amy is getting ready for a date and she wants to look stunning. She’s doing her makeup, brushing her hair and showing off a sexy outfit for you to check out and approve. Yeah, YOU! Can you believe it? Are you excited, loser? Are you reeeeally excited? Cool. Oh, by the way, she’s not going out with you. But you can still have fun gloobing off to the lingering scent of her perfume, after she ditches you for her real man hook-up. HA HA! You are such a dreamer.

000668_amyoutfit1_still_500x375_0004_layer1 000668_amyoutfit1_still_500x375_0003_layer2 000668_amyoutfit1_still_500x375_0002_layer3 000668_amyoutfit1_still_500x375_0001_layer4 000668_amyoutfit1_still_500x375_0000_layer5


Princess Aly Forces You To Do It in a Doggie Dish

After she catches you staring at her, as she sunbathes in her sexy swimsuit, Princess Aly teases the little pecker poking up in your pants. She tells you that she’ll let you make a worship puddle at her feet – as long as you do it in a doggie dish… while she laughs at you, taunts you, and describes what you’re doing to her girlfriends. Will she allow you to spit it all out and then force you to lick the bowl? Will you degrade yourself and do it? Huh, loser?

000669_alydogdish_still_500x375_0007_layer1 000669_alydogdish_still_500x375_0006_layer2 000669_alydogdish_still_500x375_0005_layer3 000669_alydogdish_still_500x375_0004_layer4 000669_alydogdish_still_500x375_0003_layer5 000669_alydogdish_still_500x375_0002_layer6 000669_alydogdish_still_500x375_0000_layer8


Princess Selena Trains You To Be Her Substitute Slut

Jetsetting Princess Selena needs a submissive sissy slave to serve her every whim – AND service the needs of her Alpha Male boyfriends. You will be on-call — in full makeup, heels and lingerie — to drop to your knees, crawl into the bedroom and substitute for Selena, whenever she doesn’t feel like messing her makeup and mussing her hair. Selena is going to teach you to tease and please like an eager sissy slut. And force you to learn to lick your lips – and like it.

000670_selenasuck_still_500x375_0008_Layer 1 000670_selenasuck_still_500x375_0007_Layer 2 000670_selenasuck_still_500x375_0006_Layer 3 000670_selenasuck_still_500x375_0005_Layer 4 000670_selenasuck_still_500x375_0004_Layer 5 000670_selenasuck_still_500x375_0003_Layer 6 000670_selenasuck_still_500x375_0002_Layer 7 000670_selenasuck_still_500x375_0001_Layer 8 000670_selenasuck_still_500x375_0000_Layer 9