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Beg for a Kiss, Frogface: You Are Princess Tiffani’s Helplessly Addicted ‘Crack Addict’

Her boyfriend french kisses her on the lips. Even her cuckold gets to french kiss her ‘other’ lips. As for you? You’re such a pathetic pig, there’s only one place Princess Tiffani would even consider letting you have a peck or a smooch. And you have to beg for it – loud enough so that all Tiffani’s sorority sisters can hear you pleading to be her butt kisser. Her brownnoser. Her crack addict. Do a good job and maybe she’ll let you wear her dirty panties home – over your face.

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Worship My Pumps: You Are Miss Kendra’s Sissymaid – Part Three

Miss Kendra knows that her shiny black pumps have the power to render you into a helplessly subservient toe-kissing sissy before her. In this three part session, your stealthy mistress intends on using her shiny black pumps to manipulate you deeper into heel-sucking servitude. If you prove expert at licking her soles and sucking her heels, divine Miss Kendra might reward you with an even more debauched purpose for your quivering puckered lips, filthy sissy. On your knees. Now.

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“Now Lick It Up, Wimp!” Princess Selena Does Your Boss to Save Your Job

There’s good news and bad news, loser. The good news is that your hot young wife was able to prevent you from being pink-slipped. The bad news? She had to bring your boss into your bedroom to do it. And do it. And do it. Now she’s his willing love slave — and you’re their lowly cuckold. To keep your job, you’re going to have to lick, suck and swallow all the fuckface humiliation they have to dish out to you. Featuring Princess Selena as your seductive, sadistic, dominant cuckoldress wife.

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Prettiest, Most Popular & Most Likely to Humiliate You: Princess Rhianna

She crushed your ego in front of the cheerleaders back then and now she’s going to destroy you again – unless you can prove to cruel Princess Rhianna, the dom prom queen of your sticky wet dreams, that you’re no longer a snot-nosed, stammering little geek with a stubby pencil poking up in your pants and a Rhianna worship shrine in your room. So what will it be? Are you a man or still just a panty-sniffing, Rhianna-wanna-be worship stroker? Huh, dork?

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Cuckyface Consequences: You Are Miss Kendra’s Sissymaid – Part Two

When Miss Kendra kissed her boyfriend goodbye, called you from the closet, and assigned you to do the cucky cleanup job, she ordered you to crawl every square inch of her luxury condo until you retrieved each of her real-man boyfriend’s used condoms. Well, naughty sissycuck, what will Miss Kendra do to you when she discovers one of his fully-loaded magnum-size condoms in her jacuzzi? You are about to get a faceful, lowly cucky.

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Busted By A Bikini Goddess: Princess Amy Snags You Spooging Off To Her

Stunning Princess Amy is home from college, sunning herself in her teeny bikini. She knows you have a crush on her. Too bad she thinks you’re a dweeb – and has told you so to your face. HA HA! Can you imagine what would happen if Amy snagged you staring at her through the blinds and BUSTED in on you – just as you were about to gloob up a pair of her dirty panties with your pathetic worship squirts? Live it and learn, loser. You are about to be humiliated by a cruel college cutie. Princess Amy.

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Broken and Enslaved: You Are Miss Kendra’s Sissymaid – Part One

What would it be like to be the 24/7 live-in sissymaid to a demanding dominant young woman such as Miss Kendra? To begin with, you will be stripped of your silly masculine pretensions, feminized in frills and put through a demeaning set of chores. Crawl before Miss Kendra in your sissymaid uniform. Kiss her toes. Strive to please her. And pray she doesn’t find a pretext to punish and publicly humiliate you. Imbecile!

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BEG! SNIFF! HEEL! COME! You Are Humiliatrix Princess Selena’s Panting, Drooling Little Bitch

Every sexy Hollywood starlet has a lapdog and now Princess Selena wants one too: YOU. Selena is going to break you and train you to obey the commands every disobedient little bitch needs to learn. Sadistic Selena has her own comically cruel twists on what it means to beg, sniff, heel, and present. If you prove to be a good little puppypants droolybitch for your new owner, Selena might even give you the three-letter command you’re just whimpering to hear. But only if you’re prepared to completely humiliate yourself.

000678_selenabitch01_still_500x375_0007_Layer 1 000678_selenabitch01_still_500x375_0006_Layer 2 000678_selenabitch01_still_500x375_0005_Layer 3 000678_selenabitch01_still_500x375_0004_Layer 4 000678_selenabitch01_still_500x375_0003_Layer 5 000678_selenabitch01_still_500x375_0002_Layer 6 000678_selenabitch01_still_500x375_0001_Layer 7 000678_selenabitch01_still_500x375_0000_Layer 8


Y-Y-Yes Princess: Bratty Britney Butt-Teases You into $ugardaddy $lavery

If you want the privilege of draining your credit cards into Princess Britney’s bikini fund, you’re gonna have to worship her butt and beg. If you’re a reeeally good brownnoser, Bratty Britney might let you take her to the mall so she can try on bikinis, sit on your lap, wiggle, giggle, order you around, scratch her pretty fingers down your pants… And then slap your face, yell at you, and publicly humiliate you, after she totally depletes you. Worthless pig.

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How Pathetic Can You Get: Princess Aly Cuckysits You

How pathetic are you? When your woman started cheating on you, all you did in response was sneak into her closet, steal her dirty panties and fill them with your futility squirts. So now she’s hired Princess Aly to cuckysit you while she’s out on her dates. You will be dressed in sissy clothes and treated like the pathetic, inadequate little wussy you are. If you pout about it? Princess Aly is going to pull down your panties and punish you.

000680_alycucky_still_500x375_0006_Layer 1 000680_alycucky_still_500x375_0003_Layer 4 000680_alycucky_still_500x375_0005_Layer 2 000680_alycucky_still_500x375_0004_Layer 3 000680_alycucky_still_500x375_0000_Layer 7