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Pussy Needs A Pounding: Princess Selena Gives It to You GurlyStyle

When dominant Princess Selena said her pussy needed a good pounding, didn’t you realize she’s talking about YOU, stupid? Selena set a trap for you in her bedroom. She’s going to strip you, flip you, pin you to the bed, force your ankles over your head and make you look her in the eye as she demonstrates on your pansy ass exactly how a woman wants to be made love to. Yer gonna spit out the sissilube and take every inch of her giant purple sissybuster.

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Pimped Out By A Princess: Fitness Trainer Brandi forces You To Pucker Up

You better suck it up, wimp. For real. Sadistic Fitness Trainer Princess Brandi is back to abuse you with a harsh new workout – one that you’ll do down on your knees, with your lips wide open. After she forces you to practice on her massive pink strap-on, Brandi’s gonna pimp you out to the boyz at the gym, so you can taste the real thing. It’s time to put on a lacy pink leotard and pucker up for your princess and her boytoyz, little miss sissylips!

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Doggie-Style Humiliation: Forced Facetime with Princess Aly’s Perfect Butt

Princess Aly seduces you into her bedroom so you can give it to her rough and hard. But when you unzip – and Aly sees how useless you are – the only thing she’s gonna let you do “doggie-style” is sniff, kiss and worship her butt… as she trashtalks you to her girlfriends, grinds her cheeks in your face, taunts you, and commands you to play with yourself as she humiliates you. Aly cruelly reduces you from her potential fuckbuddy to her fuckface buttslave.

000684_alytiny_still_500x375_0006_layer1 000684_alytiny_still_500x375_0005_layer2 000684_alytiny_still_500x375_0004_layer3 000684_alytiny_still_500x375_0003_layer4 000684_alytiny_still_500x375_0002_layer5 000684_alytiny_still_500x375_0001_layer6 000684_alytiny_still_500x375_0000_layer7


Sheer Humiliation: Your Date with Miss Kendra’s Pretty Pinky Toe

Miss Kendra knows that her silk stockings are like a leash… and her glittery ankle bracelets like a collar around your pathetic little package. Too bad she’s dressed to seduce a real man. Not you, weakling. Still, maybe if you get down on your knees and b-b-beg, Miss Kendra will let you “date” her cute red-painted, silk-encased pinky toe. Maybe if you plead, drool, and grovel she’ll even let you give it a kiss. OMG, loser. How pathetic can you get.

000685_kendraankle_still_500x375_0008_layer1 000685_kendraankle_still_500x375_0007_layer2 000685_kendraankle_still_500x375_0006_layer3 000685_kendraankle_still_500x375_0005_layer4 000685_kendraankle_still_500x375_0004_layer5 000685_kendraankle_still_500x375_0003_layer6 000685_kendraankle_still_500x375_0002_layer7 000685_kendraankle_still_500x375_0001_layer8 000685_kendraankle_still_500x375_0000_layer9


Sloppy Seconds Humiliation: Princess Selena’s Dirty Condom Cuckslave

You can come out of the closet now, you pathetic wimp. Sinister Princess Selena has a big surprise for you. Three big surprises. Three sticky, gooey, alphamale explosion sacs left behind by her real man boyfriend. Selena is going to force you to humiliate yourself with each of his fully-loaded magnum-size condoms. Three degrading acts of cuckold humiliation… each one more emasculating than the last. As Selena taunts you, laughs at you, and ignores your feeble protests.

000686_selenacondom_still_500x375_0005_layer1 000686_selenacondom_still_500x375_0004_layer2 000686_selenacondom_still_500x375_0003_layer3 000686_selenacondom_still_500x375_0002_layer4 000686_selenacondom_still_500x375_0001_layer5 000686_selenacondom_still_500x375_0000_layer6


Long Legs, Little Loser: Princess Tiffani Bursts Out Laughing at Your Tiny Tool

Gorgeous, leggy Princess Tiffani is wearing boots, garters and black stockings in her bedroom – to tease and trick you into unzipping, merely so she can make fun of your widdle weenie. Ready to be pointed at, laughed at, trashtalked, taunted and then forced to make “spitties” while Tiffani screams with laughter at your pathetic performance? Humiliatrix Tiffani is gonna make you feel two inches tall, Little Mister Pinky Panties. Tiny tool humiliation awaits you. HA HA!

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Caught, Reprimanded and Humiliated at the Panty Boutique by Princess Rhianna

You are so ridiculous. All the sales women at the lingerie boutique see you pawing around the panties. Now you’ve been cornered and caught by the store sales manager, elegant Princess Rhianna. Prepare to be exposed and embarrassed as the simpering sissy you so clearly are. All your blushing, stammering, blubbering and begging won’t stop strict, severe Rhianna from stripping you of your silly masculine pretense and putting you in your proper place: a pair of frilly sissy panties.

000688_rhiannapanties_still_500x375_0010_layer1 000688_rhiannapanties_still_500x375_0009_layer2 000688_rhiannapanties_still_500x375_0008_layer3 000688_rhiannapanties_still_500x375_0006_layer5 000688_rhiannapanties_still_500x375_0005_layer6 000688_rhiannapanties_still_500x375_0000_layer11