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Who Controls It, Loser? Take the Tease Test with Princess Velvette

Princess Velvette knows that making you stiff means making you weak, easy to control and easy to violate. Your platinum blonde goddess intends on mercilessly manipulating and arousing you, using your fetishes against you, just so she can look you in the eye and laugh at that feeble little thing poking up at her, before she commands you to sissy-splash your humiliation panties with worship goo. All night long. All for your gorgeous new goddess, stunning Princess Velvette.

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Princess Isobel’s Hopelessly Addicted Panty Slave

Princess Isobel knows what happens to your little pecker when she traces her fingers along the silky muff and lace gathers of her panties. She intends on turning your pathetic panty weakness into an emasculating obsession that becomes a crippling addiction. Can you resist her feminine charms? Or will you be up all night tonight, filling Isobel’s dirty panties with your futility squirts, as she mocks you, sneers at you and coaxes you on.

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Cuckold Tease and Humiliation Session with Miss Kendra

The see-thru dress… the sheer stockings… the lace panties… the ankle bracelets and pink polished toes… Too bad they’re all to arouse another man, loser. A real man. Exquisite Miss Kendra is going to put you through an achingly cruel cuckold tease session. Will she allow you to spank out a cucky worship puddle before her date arrives? That all depends on how willing you are to beg, sniff, drool, and grovel. Little mister pathetic.

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Bikini Betrayal: Lifestyle Diva Leah Leashes Your Helpless Little Package

Lifestyle Diva Leah uses her hot pink bikini like a leash and collar around your throbbing little package to string you along back to her princess lair… Only to backslap a stinging reality check between your legs, loser: The date she’s getting ready for isn’t with you. Stupid. Leah’s only interested in having you around as a potential sissibitch. Be warned, wanna-be: enter into Diva Leah’s world and you are going to be abused. And humiliated.

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Princess Velvette Arouses and Belittles Your Sad Sissy Stiffie

Wicked Princess Velvette loves to tickle and tease you, licking her lips and leading you on. She seduces you stiff, just so she can cruelly compare you to her boyfriend. She brings you to the brink, just so she can emasculate you into sissy servitude. Your reward? A pair of her dirty panties — the proper place for a lucky sissy like you to pump out your worthless worship piddles… for your favorite new humiliatrix, Princess Velvette.

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Caught at! Tickled, Teased and Taunted by Sardonic Princess Sari

Princess Sari thinks it’s hilarious that you subscribe to She intends on taunting your fetishes and tickling your stiffy – just to turn you into her throbbing, blubbering, blueballed, sleep-deprived, worship-stroking fool-for-princess. Will she let you spit the puppy squirts at her pretty toes? Or will she tease you to the brink only to mercilessly flick it with her fingernail as she giggles at your distress?

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Sassy Princess Isobel Emasculates You: What He Gets, What You Never Will

HE does it down her throat with a fistful of her hair. YOU do it in your fist wiff a handful of tissues! BWAH HA!!! Just ‘cuz provocative brat Princess Isobel lets her stud-bull boyfriend dominate her, doesn’t mean a widdle dork like you has a chance of being anything but her stammering, panty-sputtering, out-of-luck cuckywuck. This hyper-articulate bad girl humiliatrix is going to force you to experience what separates the men from the mama’s boys.

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Princess Tiffani Catches You Ch-ch-choking a Loser Load into Her Panties

“WHAT are you doing in my bedroom, you little wuss!?!” When Princess Tiffani catches you on the verge of making a worship puddle in her panties, you know you’re going to be humiliated. The only question is how. Will she spank you? Lock you into a chastity cage? Or will she farce you to spit it out for her while she laughs at you, ridicules you, and snaps pictures of you… so she can show all her girlfriends just what a hopelessly pathetic little pervert you are.

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Heartless Goddess, Helpless Geek: Spoiled Sorority Princess Remi Owns You

With just one sneer, stunning Princess Remi has your little package locked and leashed in the palm of her pretty hand. Lose your illusions, puppy pants: Remi intends on enslaving you to her charms just so she can exploit your embarrassing weakness for demanding daddy’s girl diva-brats: you’re about to be humiliated at a crowded shopping mall… ridiculed and ripped a new one in front of her sorority sisters… and emasculated in her bedroom… Meet your new owner: Princess Remi.

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