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Dominatrix Syndey Lee Annihilates Your Worthless Little Penis

“I’m going to grant you a ‘charity fuck.’ I even took off my leather dominatrix gear and put on this sexy thong and a pink girly top to help you try to fuck me. But if you can’t do it? If your little cock is too small or too soft? I am going to emasculate that tiny penis of yours and make it squirt — the humiliating way…”

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Princess Brooke Plasters Your Face with a Humiliating Sissy Facial

“If I ever let you cum at all, I’m certainly not going to let you ejaculate with dignity. You have to do it while you are degrading yourself. I can’t think of a better way to reinforce your submissiveness to me than to make you lift your hips like a girl and bukkake your face with your own jizz…”

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Special Sauce: Vegan Missy Tricks You into Swallowing Cum

“I work at the fastfood drive-thru where you get your lunch. I smile when you flirt with me, even though you make me sick. My boyfriend and I are animal rights activists. I’ve been putting his ‘special sauce’ on your burger, you idiot. And the only reason I agreed to date you is to make you eat your own cum…”

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Pig Pen’s Place: Tiffani Turns You into the Sorority’s Filthy Trash Can

“Listen up, pig pen. You’re gonna get kicked into a mud puddle and crammed in a trash can, so we can flick our ashes in your mouth, stuff our dirty tampons in your undies, and dump our boyfriends’ gooey dirty condoms over your face, before we leash walk you down fraternity row as our new mascot, the oink pig…”

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How Tiffany Used Your Weakness for Her Panties to Destroy You

“Remember my silky pink panties? The ones I used to get you fired from your job and divorced from my mom, when I was a college freshman? Hmm, step-daddy? I bet you’re still a weakling for Tiffani’s cute panties. Aren’t you, dumb-dumb. I bet I could make you fill my panties with your yicky DNA all over again…”


You Are Amazon Becky’s Laughable Little Shopping Slave

“When I took charge of your puny little prick and turned you into my stiletto shopping slave, I told you that you would get NOTHING in return except BELITTLED by me. Look how I tower over you, you little runt. Take out your teensy pecker and BEG to make a piddle for your Amazon Goddess…”


How Missy Destroyed Your Confidence with Girls Forever

“Do you remember what I did to you back in school to demolish your confidence with girls and turn you into the pathetic, intimidated ‘Missy jerk puppet’ closet sissy you will always be? You’re gonna relive that experience with me tonite. And then I’m gonna finish you off exactly the way I did back then…”


Sadistic Dr. Selena Extracts Your Semen Sample

“If you can’t produce a semen sample for me while I stand here and glare at you, I’ll have to snap on a latex glove, lube my index finger, insert the probe and extract that sample the painful, humiliating way. Either way, you are going to give Doctor Selena exactly what she wants. Now, drop your drawers…”


FACE FUCKED: Pledge Mistress Missy finishes You Off in Front of the Sorority


Total Emasculation Part 2: Nikki and Jen Destroy Your Dignity