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You Are Princess Katrina and Mandy’s Pathetic Outfit Tester

Kat and Mandy are getting glammed up to go out and pick up some real men. But first they need you to get on your knees, kiss their high heels, worship their legs, peek up their skirts, sniff their pussies and tell them how totally hot they look. Maybe they’ll even let you show them – by allowing you to shoot a ‘proof puddle’ into your doggie dish! Don’t forget to lick it all up – loser!

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Amazon Princess Mandy Sizes You Down and Thoroughly Humiliates You

When Amazon Princess Mandy forces you to put your pathetic little peep-shooter on display, all you can do is seethe with shame as she laughs at your feeble attempt to impress her. After this 6’3″ beach volleyball goddess finishes flicking and taunting it, she’s going to tease you into cuckykissing her butt, until you’re blubbering and b-b-begging to spit a worship puddle at her perfectly pedicured size 12 feet. Will Mandy bring you to the brink – only to brownnose and deny you?

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