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Sorority Partygirl Missy Teaches Mr Authority Who’s in Charge

“Did you really think you could stop me from partying at college and having sex with guys on the basketball team? Is THAT why you came here to my sorority house — to put your foot down with me? I guess I’m going to have to remind my little wussy who makes the rules in our relationship…”


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Your Ultimate Forced Facial with JOI Goddess Selena

“Remember when I gave you your very first facial? Sent you home with your own jizz slapped across your ugly face. Well now I’m gonna manipulate and mindfuck you to pump your little pindick for me all over again, until I command you to jerk a worship puddle — straight into your mouth…”




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Sadistic Amber Cuckolds You with Her New Boyfriend’s Alpha Cum

“What’s worse? Knowing that I have a new boyfriend? Knowing that his cock RULES over yours? Hearing me moan while he fucks me? What if I took the dirty condoms filled with his nasty hot cum and used them to humiliate you and degrade you like the worthless little bitch boy you are?”


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Your Dominant Wife Koby Punishes You with Panties & Cum Eating

“I invited your boss over here today to save your job. The good news? He agreed not to fire you. The bad news? He and I decided that you’re going to be wearing sissy panties to work, from now on. The even worse news (for you)? Your boss gave me a good hard fucking — and now you are going to swallow his bossload…”


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Sex Lesson for a Virgin Loser with Cruel Tiffani and Bitchy Becky

“Did you really think we invited you over here for a ‘sex lesson,’ loser? We’re wearing all white to make fun of the cum-pants clueless virgin dork you are when it comes to girls. Here’s your ‘sex lesson’ — suck on our toes while we dump our boyfriends’ cumloads all over your face. HA HA! No pussy for virgin wussies!…”

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Kendra’s BJ Promise Turns into a Humiliating Sissy Facial for You

“I’ve got cock lust tonight. If I unlock your chastity cage and unfurl you, do you think you can make my eyes widen and my pussy wet? If you can, I will reward you with an exquisite blow job and a night in bed with me. If not? I’m going to punish and humiliate you until your face is drenched in your own sissy slime…”

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Remi Rejects You and Reveals What She Wants in a Real Man

“I don’t like wishy-washy, mealy-mouth indecisive wimps — like you. I want a man who’s tough and hard and strong. Like your rival. I let him fuck me today, just to see what it would be like. And I LOVED it. I loved it so much that I wanted you to have a taste of my experience. I know you’re gonna love it too, sissy…”

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Goddess Ashley Humiliates You with Her Bull’s Hot Cumloads

“It’s bad enough that you’re too much of a wimp to keep me satisfied. Do you think I’m gonna let you sit around at home and jerk your little cock? No, loser. After my bull fucks me and satisfies me I’m going to use every one of his steamy fuckloads to humiliate you. Starting tonight. Get over here…”


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Miss Kendra Humiliates You with Her Boyfriend’s Alpha Male Cum

“Here, sissy-sissy! You can come out of the closet now. My boyfriend’s gone. Did you hear me moaning and screaming his name? Did you hear us laughing at you? He left you a few presents. And now I’m to going to unlock you from your chastity cage so that I can humiliate you with his gooey hot bullcock cum…”

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Princess Jade: How to Break Up with a Shrimp Dick Crybaby Loser

“Why should I just dump you when I can humiliate the fuck out of you and THEN dump you? Like, compare your shrimp dick to your friend’s huge cock, show you the condom he used to fuck me, rub it in your face, make you eat his cum, and command you to jerk into his dirty condom before I break up with you for good…”

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