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Amy and Amber Dump Their Drinks Down Your Dork Pants

“Excuse me, loser, were you talking to US? You with the pencil arms and boy boobs? You want to buy us drinks, maybe get to know us, is that it? Sure you can buy us a couple of cocktails. Make sure they’re doubles and make sure they’re the top of the top shelf and make sure they’re ice cold, got it?…”


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Princess Becky Makes Her Submissive Sugardaddies Swallow Cum

“After you buy me sexy outfits, and we’re back here in my bedroom, you seem to think you deserve a reward. Is that right? Well, not only do you not get to fuck me. Not only do you not get a blow job. You know what you get? You get to hide in the closet while my bulls fuck me. And then you get to swallow their cum…”

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Tessa Teases Your Throbbing Boner Just to Put You in Your Place

“I put on this incredible lingerie and I’m going to let you into my bedroom merely to mock and humiliate you. You’re going to get down on your knees, repeat a few emasculating admissions I have prepared for you and then I’m going to send you on a humiliation task. That’s all you get, because that’s all you deserve…”

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Cuckold Princess Sari Emasculates You with a Humiliating Foot Job

“Your rival won the award. So he gets to have me. You get the consolation prize. To kiss the toes I had pedicured today. To beg me not to fuck him. To stare up my skirt at the pussy that no longer belongs to you. Maybe I’ll take pity on you and give you a foot job. Not a sensual foot job, but a humiliating foot job, like this…”

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Goddess Tessa Coldly Considers Your Chastity Release Request

“I don’t have all day to listen to your whining. So get down on your hands and knees and tell me what it is you want me to do. And — if you’re not willing to put my needs above yours? If you’re not prepared to humiliate yourself in front of me right now? We have nothing to talk about. So go on. Speak. I’m listening…”

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The Day Remi Turned You into Her Pecker-Jerking Loser for Life

“I want you to watch me gloss my lips for my man and think about that day in school when I turned you from a semi-normal loser into a pathetic, submissive, jerkaholic for me for life. Do you remember what I did to you? Or do I need to force you back down that rabbit hole and crush your ego all over again, right now?…”

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Princess Tessa Prepares to Humiliate You at Your School Reunion

“I’m getting ready for our school reunion this weekend. How about you, have you been rubbing your little pecker raw thinking about what I’m going to wear? Or have you been bedwetting and thumbsucking again, thinking about what I’m going to say when I look you straight in the eye in front of all the popular girls?…”

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Princess Ashley Feeds You Your Cum for Being a Flabby Fucktard

“Lazy, out-of-shape guys like you disgust me. You are a flabby, smelly, stinking pile of garbage, sitting around jerking off all day in your filthy, grease-smeared sweat pants. You know what? I want you to get even more disgusting. Pull your pants down. Jerk your pigsnot into this jar of slop so I can shovel it down your throat…”

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Remi Rejects You and Reveals What She Wants in a Real Man

“I don’t like wishy-washy, mealy-mouth indecisive wimps — like you. I want a man who’s tough and hard and strong. Like your rival. I let him fuck me today, just to see what it would be like. And I LOVED it. I loved it so much that I wanted you to have a taste of my experience. I know you’re gonna love it too, sissy…”

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Goddess Ashley Humiliates You with Her Bull’s Hot Cumloads

“It’s bad enough that you’re too much of a wimp to keep me satisfied. Do you think I’m gonna let you sit around at home and jerk your little cock? No, loser. After my bull fucks me and satisfies me I’m going to use every one of his steamy fuckloads to humiliate you. Starting tonight. Get over here…”


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