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You Will Cum All Over Your Loser Face for Mean Princess Remi

“Are you home all alone again? Rubbing your sad little pecker while feeling sorry for yourself? Sniff-sniff. What you need is a dominant young woman to take charge of you. To tell you what to do and when to do it. And if I decide to make you cum all over your face? You’ll do it. Exactly as I tell you to…”



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Your Ultimate Forced Facial with JOI Goddess Selena

“Remember when I gave you your very first facial? Sent you home with your own jizz slapped across your ugly face. Well now I’m gonna manipulate and mindfuck you to pump your little pindick for me all over again, until I command you to jerk a worship puddle — straight into your mouth…”




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Tessa Degrades You Further Down into Drooling Submission to Her

“The more I degrade you, the more you desire me. The more I taunt you with what you can never have, the more you will lay yourself down before me, knowing that a sniff of my sock or a kiss on my toe is the best you can hope for. Your desperation only makes me want to hurt you more. As I’m going to. Right now…”

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Deviant Psychology Major Missy Is Your Sadistic Therapist

“To complete my degree in deviant psychology, I need to do fieldwork using actual subjects. You’re gonna be my first client. I have some experiments I have been eager to try to test my theory on the fragility of the male sexual psyche. All you have to do is sign this waiver. I’ll handle you from there…”

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Missy Makes You Cream Her Panties Before Locking You in Chastity

“You thought you were the authority figure in our relationship, but who’s in charge now? All because of those crippling weaknesses of yours. LOL. Yep, it was me who convinced your woman to cheat on you. And me who’s about to lock your sputtering little cock into chastity. After you seal your fate – into my panties…”

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Tessa Explains Why You’re Destined to Be Plugged, Pantied & Caged

“You pretend to be masculine on the outside. But I can see right through you. You’re just a weak little sissy on the inside. You were born to wear a plug, panties and chastity cage. All I need to put you in your place, at the foot of my bed is to stare you down. And intimidate you into your sissy panties. Just like this…”

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Princess Tessa Issues You a Small Penis Chastity Release Challenge

“I will agree to unlock you from your chastity cage — just to satisfy my curiosity. Because I’m pretty sure you’re not capable of satisfying anything else. Who knows? Maybe you’ll impress me. Or maybe I’ll end up emasculating you so sadistically that you’ll come crawling back into your cage like a scared little puppy….”

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The First Time Cruel Kendra Seduced You into Swallowing Cum

“Your protests after I first started cheating on you made me laugh. All I had to do was put on my Cuban stockings to bring you crawling between my legs, ready to swallow your pride. I knew I had you pussy whipped when I took the condom I’d pulled off his cock that afternoon and coaxed his hot jizz right down your throat… “

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You Are Princess Tessa’s Helpless, Dangling Puppet

“I dangle a shoe from my pretty foot to make you aroused. I dangle your chastity key from my wrist to give you false hope. If I could, I’d shrink you down to the size of a trinket and dangle you from my ankle bracelet. You’re nothing but a pathetic little puppet to me. It’s time for Princess to pull on your strings…”

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Princess Becky Re-Addicts You to All Your Crippling Weaknesses

“Remember all the fun we used to have? I used to get you sloppy drunk and then I’d get you to do the most insane humiliating things to yourself. But now you’re trying to man-up and resist me. Too bad. Because I wanted to get crazy with you tonight — have some drinks — and humiliate you like never before…”

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