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Princess Remi Puts You Through Two Degrading Humiliation Tasks

“Get down on your hands and knees and crawl into my bathroom NOW. You’re going to lick my toilet clean, from the base of the bowl all the way to the inside, until it is spotless to my satisfaction. Then you’re going to take that disgusting sewer of a mouth of yours and practice sucking on this big nasty cock…”



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Miss Kendra Makes You Admit that You Crave Her Strap-on Cock

“What do you secretly crave more than anything in the world? I see you trembling in anticipation of what’s going to happen to you when I finish strapping my big black twelve-inch cock around my waist. Drop to your hands and knees right now, weakling. Crawl to me. It’s time for your cock confession to Miss Kendra…”


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Dominatrix Kendra James Prepares Sissy for the Strap-on

“So, you’ve finally done it. Little sissy scaredy cat has made an appointment with a dominatrix for a session with the strap-on. Before you go on that appointment, you’re going to need to prepare yourself. And I am going to tell you the five humiliating things you’re going to do before you lose your sissy virginity…”



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Boot Worship is Goddess Selena’s Gateway Drug to Cock Sucking

“You might think you’re just a straight guy who enjoys a little kinky boot worship. But once I have you sucking my heels and licking the filthy soles of my dominatrix boots? It won’t be long before it’s my big black dildo sliding down your throat. Before I blackmail my boot sissy into sucking a big fat dick for me for real…”


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Princess Remi Strips You of Your Manhood Completely

“My intention is to verbally castrate you, violate your prissy boundaries and strip you of your manhood, so that you can’t get an erection unless you are wearing panties, pillow-humping, sucking a penis and swallowing cum. I’m guessing it’s going to take me ten minutes til you’re licking the cream from your sissy panties for me…”

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Your Furious Wife Amy Becomes Your Domestic Dominatrix

“So, you want to be humiliated by a dominatrix? You’re living with one, you idiot. I read your pathetic little fantasies. I always knew you were weak, but I didn’t know I was married to a dick-sucking wanna-be. Isn’t that precious. Your dream is about to come true — like it or not. Get on your hands and knees. NOW…”

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Dominatrix Sydney Lee Whips the Pantyhose off Your Sissy Ass

“You are a failure as a man and a failure as my sissy maid — and I am going to punish and humilate you for both. You’re going to pull my bull’s dirty condom over your worthless little cock and pull my dirty pantyhose over your sissy ass so I can whip you red and raw — until I shred the pantyhose off you…”

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Dominatrix Sydney Lee Trains You to Deep Throat a Bull Cock

“First, let’s take a look at what your little dick looks like next to a bull cock. See the difference between your dicklette and a superior bull cock? Your little clitty can’t compare. And since you have no hope of pleasing a woman like me? I’m going to make you learn to suck a bull cock – until you can do it without gagging…”

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Sadistic Stephanie Puppytrains You to HEEL, BEG and CUM!

When Stephanie finds your disgusting loser jizz in her panties she explodes at you. She cracks a crop and sends you to your knees. You are going to learn to suck and worship high heels, to beg to kiss Princess ass – and when you want to cum? You will do it on a puppy pad or in a dog dish. And you will ONLY make the puppy squirts when Stephanie commands you to…. CUM!
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