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Cruel Cheerleader Missy Humiliates You to the Brink of Destruction

“I know all your most crippling weaknesses. I know how to tease and manipulate you to get anything I want. And you know what I want? I want to see just how far I can break you. I’m gonna bring you to the brink of insanity. To see if I can make you do the filthiest, most humiliating things I can imagine….”

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Cheerleader Missy Bullies You into Sucking Cock for Her

“I found out that you secretly wish to be coerced into sucking cock. Well, now you have no choice. Because you’re getting your face fucked tonight – after I train you to suck dick and swallow cum, my way. Can you guess whose jizz is going down your throat tonight? I can’t wait to pimpslap his cock across your face…”


Cheerleader Noely Catches You Jerking into Her Tease Panties

“HA HA! I knew you were a helpless little panty weakling. I planted that pair of my dirty panties just to trap you. Now I’ve got you cornered and I can make you do anything I want. You’d better start kissing my ass and begging for mercy or I will destroy you, loser. I might destroy you anyway, just for fun…” 4 minutes
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Homecoming Humiliation: Choke It for Cheeleader Stephanie

“Once a little choker, always a little choker. You will NEVER be anything but a pathetic jerk-dweeb for your hot, mean homecoming queen, Cheerleader Stephanie. And now you’re gonna prove it. Someone’s going to the homecoming game with a big blotch of Stephanie squirties in his dork pants…” 4 minutes
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Cheerleader Tiffani Transforms You into Her Strap-on Sissy Slut

“I promised if you lavished me with girlie gifts that I’d grant your dream – I’d put on my cheerleading uniform and give you a special night in my bedroom. Well, you got me everything I wanted. Now it’s time for your reward, tee hee. You’re gonna put on that powder-puff pink lingerie set you bought and bend over, sissy…”


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Cheerleader Becky Tricks You, Flips You and Pimps You Out

Princess Becky from

“When I teased you back to my bedroom for a blowjob, I meant that you would be GIVING the BJ, retardo! I’m gonna tart you up and train you to suck dick like a sissy slut so you can hit the streets and start paying into the Princess Becky Fuckface Fund. It’s awesome! You get to choke down cum while I get rich. LOL…” 

Cheerleader Tessa Is Back to Put You in Your Pathetic Loser Place

Princess Tessa from
“Every time I cracked my gum, tossed my hair and flipped my cheerleading skirt, you squirted a big blotch of loser precum in your dork pants. Didn’t you. You would’ve kissed my butt if I let you. I still think you’re pathetic. Dweeb. And I bet you’re still globbing your fist with geek boy goo for Cheerleader Tessa…” 4 minutes. 

Cheerleader Tiffani Catches You Jerking into Her Undies

Princess Tiffani from
“WHAT are you doing in my bedroom, dweeb!?! OH MY GAWD. Were you about to jerk up my undies with your disgusting pig snot? EEEW! Don’t you move, loser. I’m gonna call one of my cheerleader girlfriends and then you’re gonna make a jerkoff humiliation video so every cheerleader can point and laugh at you…” 7 minutes.
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