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Merciless Princess Megan Mocks Your Worthless Little Cock

“Have you ever imagined what it’s like when girls talk about you behind your back? Does the idea of me telling my girlfriends all about your pathetic little pecker and your feeble attempt to fuck me make you want to shrivel up and hide? Good. Because I am about to humiliate the hell out of you…”





Missy Teases, Denies and Torments Your Desperation Boner

“I luv the new bra and panty set you bought me. Do you like the way it looks on me, boner boy? I bet my boyfriend’s gonna love it too – when he fucks me in it later tonite. HA HA! Too bad, dork. You can look and you can drool, but you can’t touch. Have fun fucking your fist while he’s pounding my tight wet pussy!…”


Total Emasculation Part 2: Nikki and Jen Destroy Your Dignity


Cock Cage? Tierra Puts You Through an Emasculating Body Worship Session


How Bratty Becky Turned You into Her Helpless JerkyBoy 4 Life

“Once upon a time you were pretty much a normal little dork – til I decided to mess with your head, make you a pervert and take control of your little pecker. Now you can’t cum without thinking of me humiliating you. Remember what I did to to destroy you? I’m about to do it to you all over again…”

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Princess Brandi’s Buttkisser

Don’t you dare get caught drooling over Princess Brandi’s perfect butt, boner boy, unless you’re prepared to kiss it. For real. At the gym. In public. In front of everyone. Humiliatrix Princess Brandi knows you’d secretly love to be her brownnoser bitch boy. She plans on rubbing your face in your torment and turning you into her butt-kissing fool. Pucker up for your Princess! You dirty old drool bucket.

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