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Sadistic Dr. Selena Extracts Your Semen Sample

“If you can’t produce a semen sample for me while I stand here and glare at you, I’ll have to snap on a latex glove, lube my index finger, insert the probe and extract that sample the painful, humiliating way. Either way, you are going to give Doctor Selena exactly what she wants. Now, drop your drawers…”


Total Emasculation: Nikki & Jen Destroy What’s Left of Your Dignity – Pt 1


It’s Time for Your ‘Yoga Class for Sissies’ with Sadistic Stephanie

“I’ve seen you staring at me at yoga, you pathetic little dreamer. Well, I’m starting a Sissy Yoga class for wimps and rejects – like you. First you need to put in your butt plug and ball gag. Then you can put on your panties before I put you through a series of humiliating poses I put together just for you, wussy…”

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Miss Kendra Strips You of Your Masculinity for Panties and a Plug

“You’re about to learn who wears the pants in this house – and who wears the sissy emasculation panties. And if you give me any sass? I will pull down your panty bottoms and insert this plug, all the way: to teach you an even more humiliating lesson. Now get to your housework before my lady friends arrive…”


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