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Grad 6: Princess Megan Mocks Your Pathetic Pillow Humping

“Are you kidding me? Is that crusty, stinky pillow beneath your bed really the basis of your sad sex life? You’re a pathetic pillow humper! What a filthy little pig you are. I should make you cream that disgusting pillow right in front of me so I can smear your ugly face in it. Start humping for Princess Megan, loser…”

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Missy Teases, Denies and Torments Your Desperation Boner

“I luv the new bra and panty set you bought me. Do you like the way it looks on me, boner boy? I bet my boyfriend’s gonna love it too – when he fucks me in it later tonite. HA HA! Too bad, dork. You can look and you can drool, but you can’t touch. Have fun fucking your fist while he’s pounding my tight wet pussy!…”


Bratty Becky’s Rules for Stepdads, Sugardaddies & Wimp Boyfriends

“I explain how any sorority girl can break, humiliate and train her loser stepdad, her wussy sugardaddy, and her wimp boyfriend by manipulating his weaknesses and using his fetishes to control him. I demonstrate how to tease him into becoming a helpless jerk puppet and entrap him into the chastity cage…”

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Cheerleader Missy Bullies You into Sucking Cock for Her

“I found out that you secretly wish to be coerced into sucking cock. Well, now you have no choice. Because you’re getting your face fucked tonight – after I train you to suck dick and swallow cum, my way. Can you guess whose jizz is going down your throat tonight? I can’t wait to pimpslap his cock across your face…”


Stephanie Teases and Tempts You Sloppy Drunk Submissive

“I heard you’re trying to make some changes in your life, little man. No more getting sloppy drunk and humiliating yourself to make me laugh. How impressive. Wanna show me just how stiff you can make your little backbone for Stephanie? Come into my bedroom. I’m wearing your favorite lingerie…”


Heel Slave’s Punishment: Princess Tiffani Shoe-miliates You

“When I left for my tennis match this morning, I gave you specific instructions to tongue-wipe the soles and heels of every pair of high heels in my collection. But you fucked up. Now I’m gonna use my stinky tennis sneakers and thigh boots to punish and humiliate you in front of my girlfriends…”


Girls Love Facials: Bratty Becky Humiliates You at Her Salon

“You’re bringing me to my salon today for a facial and makeover. But first I’m gonna give you a sissy facial. The salon girls are gonna laugh so hard when you walk in with cum all over your face. Don’t worry, I told them you’re my sissy. Then, later, sissy slavey gets to watch my boyfriend ruin my facial…”

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Pledge Mistress Missy…


FACE FUCKED: Pledge Mistress Missy finishes You Off in Front of the Sorority


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