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You Will Wear a Sissy Plug & Humiliation Panties for Princess Remi

“I want you totally sissy-addicted to your Princess Remi. I want your worthless sissy clit in humiliation panties and I want a big thick sissy plug stretching you out and putting you in your place. Then I am going to verbally emasculate you till there is nothing manly left of you, not even the sissy cream in your panties…”


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Sex Lesson for Sissy: Princess Remi Makes You Cum Like a Girl

“You know I don’t think of you as a man. So why would I let you cum like a man? I want you to put on a cute bra and panty set like the one I’m wearing, so you start feeling all girly and tingly and wet. And then I will take over from there. I’m going to train you to frig yourself with a vibrating cock and cum like a horny little fuckbrat…”


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Goddess Selena Humiliates You in Public as Her Sissy Maid

“Behind closed doors, I dominate you, slap you around, and make you wear panties. When we’re out in public, you DARE to try to pretend you wear the pants? Like hell! You are going out with me and my girlfriends tonight as my sissy maid. And when we get back? You’re getting a good hard fucking with my strap-on…”


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Miss Kendra Instructs You How to Cum Like a Naughty Sissy Slut

“You’re not a man, so why should I let you cum like one? I’m going to train you to cum like a sissy slut, using just your fukkyhole and a cock-shaped vibrator. No more touching your useless boy parts. If you want to cum for me you’re going to spank yourself, squeal and fill your holes like the cock-lusting whore you are…”




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Step-Dommy Tiffani Tricks You into Becoming Her Chastity Sissy

“So, you have a new girlfriend. I heard she teased you into chastity. Well, guess who has the key? I do. Step-Dommy Tiffani. See, I paid that cute girl to seduce you into chastity, so that I could turn you into my helplessly obedient sissy and take total control of you. It’s time to put on your panties and plug for Step-Dommy…”


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Bondage Diva Kobe Makes You Cum Like a Feminine Girly-Girl

“If you’ve seen my amazing bondage videos, you know that I can squirm and squeal like a saucy little bitch. And that is exactly what I am going to teach you to do. I’m going to ball-gag you, restrain you, and make you use a girly vibrator on your panty crotch until you wriggle and cum like a dirty naughty slut for me…”

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Goddess Selena Turns You into Her Cocksucking Sissy Bitch

“The last time you were here I seduced and bullied you into licking up my bull’s cumload, like the little puppy bitch you are. Now, you’re going to suck dick for me — on your knees in front of the entire city. First, you’re gonna deep throat this practice dildo for me. Then you’re gonna suck cock for me for real…”

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Cruel Kendra Sissifies and Spanks You in Her Silky Stockings

“Since you are obsessed with sniffing and fondling my stockings, I’m going to pull a pair of my lacy nylons tight over your chastity cage, beneath an adorable sissy maid dress I got for you, so that you can do your chores properly attired. First I’m going to scold and spank you, across my silky lap, in your humiliating attire…”kenSPK_0006_layer1 kenSPK_0005_layer2 kenSPK_0004_layer3 kenSPK_0003_layer4 kenSPK_0002_layer5 kenSPK_0001_layer6 kenSPK_0000_layer7

Remi Reduces You from Panty Sissy to Dick-Sucking Submissive

“Once I put you into my panty trance, it’s over for you. You will wear panties for me. You will force that pink butt plug between your cheeks. You will drop to your knees. You will suck the heels of my shoes. You will admit you want to suck cock for me. And then you will prove it for Princess Remi. Isn’t that right….?”

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Tessa Makes You Shave Sissy-Smooth for Your Panty Punishment

“When I feel your testosterone level rising through your chastity cage I know exactly what to do: emasculate you with sissy panties. You’re going to shave and powder yourself girly-smooth and then put on this supremely humiliating pair of panties. Give me any attitude and I will make you do a panty-curtsey for my boyfriend…”

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