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Bikini Wimp Worship Week Session #5: Miss Cee Cee Cucks and Denies You

Bikini model Cee Cee struts around in her designer swimwear to turn you into her helpless, desperate wanna-be worship wussy. Crawl around on all fours and beg to kiss the toes of your perfectly-pedicured bikini goddess. “Kissy-kissy!” You are so lucky! You get to be a cute little playtoy for your princess – to amuse her before her real-man boyfriend comes over.
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Miss Cee Cee Transforms You into Her Feminized Personal Assistant

Miss Cee Cee is exquisitely manicured and utterly feminine and she demands the same from her underlings. You’re about to be plucked, primped, polished ‘n pantied to your diva boss’ sky-high standard of perfection. To begin your workplace emasculation you will have a glamour-length set of permanent French nails affixed to your fingers. Just like your sexy sophisticate boss!
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Transformation Tease: Princess Cee Cee Seduces You into Girlyhood

Princess Cee Cee corners you in her high-end lingerie shop. She’s not letting you leave the store until she uses her fashionista wiles to transform you into a passable girlygirl. Stockings, high heels, panties and a booty-tease outfit await you. The boys are gonna find you irresistable when Cee Cee gets thru with you. Get Cee-Cee-fied!

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Miss Cee Cee Trains You to Sissistrut in Lace Panties and Sky-hi Stilettos

Miss Cee Cee is the ultimate girly-girl. You yearn to be her boyfriend, but she likes you as her sissy. Cee Cee uses your laughable little crush on her to weaken your resolve, break down your boy-defenses and bring out your girlyside – so she can feminize you in frilly panties, strap you into sky-high stilettos, and train you to booty-tease the boys like a sexy sissy should.

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Princess Cee Cee Tranforms You into Her Emasculated Sissy Maid

Glamour girl Cee Cee has noticed you nervously snooping around her high fashion custom lingerie shop. Cee Cee knows you’re shopping for yourself, Miss Fumble Fingers. Now Cee Cee has decided to turn you into her personal sissy maid. If you can’t meet Cee Cee’s impossibly high standard of feminine perfection, you will be humiliated in front of her fashionista girlfriends.

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