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Bratty Megan Humiliates You for Stealing Her Cheerleading Panties

“How DARE you. Stealing my cheerleading panties before the big competition? Leaving me to wear a cheap-ass thong? You embarrassed me, so now I am going to humilate the HELL out of you. You’re gonna worship my butt, you little brown noser. And then I’m going make you regret what you did for the rest of your life…”



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Dominatrix Syndey Lee Annihilates Your Worthless Little Penis

“I’m going to grant you a ‘charity fuck.’ I even took off my leather dominatrix gear and put on this sexy thong and a pink girly top to help you try to fuck me. But if you can’t do it? If your little cock is too small or too soft? I am going to emasculate that tiny penis of yours and make it squirt — the humiliating way…”

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How Bratty Sydney Tricked You into Chastity the Very First Time

“You thought I was just a smart-ass brat — until I tricked you into the chastity cage. Do you remember how I did it and what I did to you afterward? You went from being Mr. Big Man on Campus to Sydney’s little playtoy. HA HA. You’re still my little puppet, aren’t you. And THIS is how I destroyed you for life….”

sydCHT_0005_layer1 sydCHT_0004_layer2 sydCHT_0003_layer3 sydCHT_0002_layer4 sydCHT_0001_layer5 sydCHT_0000_layer6

Breakup Humiliation: Missy Makes You Cry & Cum in Her Panties

“Are you seriously gonna c-c-cry because I’m dumping your ass and breaking up with you? If you had put your foot down like a man I’d have let you fuck me. But now you’re gonna have to cum in my panties like a wuss and then wear them over your face to dry your pathetic tears, crybaby… “

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Dress Your Cheating Wife Kobe for Her Sex Date with Your Rival

“You’re not man enough to keep me satisfied. Do I have to rub your face in it? You’re going to dress me for my date tonight. Pick out a sexy outfit while I’m in the shower; somthing to inspire your rival to give me a good hard fucking. If I like the outfit you pick out I’ll let you jerk out a worship puddle…”

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Mean Missy Grants You One Last Cumload Before You’re Locked into Chastity, IF…

You’re going into the cockcage for the next two weeks. But before you’re locked into the penis prison, Missy might let you cum one last time. You only get to cum if you’re willing to do it EXACTLY the way Missy commands you to do it…

dod14missy_0005_Layer 1 dod14missy_0004_Layer 2 dod14missy_0003_Layer 3 dod14missy_0002_Layer 4 dod14missy_0001_Layer 5 dod14missy_0000_Layer 6


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Missy Uses Her Black Latex Gloves to Make You Humiliate Yourself

“I love teasing your cock until there’s precum streaming down the shaft and you are begging to cum for me. That’s when I put on my black leather gloves – to pinch and slap your cock, twist a finger up your ass, and then extract all your loser jizz into my palm, so I can smear it across your face and make you eat it…”

mis27_7312013_still_0000_Layer 10

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You Get a Jerk-Panty Reward for Helping Tiffani Dress for Her Date

“I’m so excited for tonite! And I can see you’re excited too – getting to see Princess Tiffani naked! Wait…Did you think I was getting ready for a date with YOU!? No, silly! I asked you over to help me get dressed! Aww, poor frowny-face! Would you like to dry your tears and squirt your reject juice into my dirty panties? Here…”


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Dr. Kendra Works with You on Your Emasculating Panty Fetish

Dr. Kendra has determined that you have a pronounced proclivity for lacy, frilly ladies’ underthings: sniffing them, fondling them… Dr. Kendra decides to put you through a course of aversion therapy to help cure you of your fetish. To begin, you will strip for Dr. Kendra and put on a pair of pink panties, so that she can measure and record your sexual response to this stimuli.  6 minutes.

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