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Your Boss Selena Commands You to Lick up Your Worship Puddle

“I see you drooling over my smooth legs, my polished toes, my juicy cleavage, my curvy ass. You want to rub your crotch and pump your little pecker to me? You can do it HERE, in my office, right in front of me. As I belittle your little dick and command your cum strokes. And when I make you cum? You’re gonna lick it up…”




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Sex Lesson for a Virgin Loser with Cruel Tiffani and Bitchy Becky

“Did you really think we invited you over here for a ‘sex lesson,’ loser? We’re wearing all white to make fun of the cum-pants clueless virgin dork you are when it comes to girls. Here’s your ‘sex lesson’ — suck on our toes while we dump our boyfriends’ cumloads all over your face. HA HA! No pussy for virgin wussies!…”

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Princess Remi Destroys Your Confidence with Cute Girls Forever

“Look at you. Home all alone again with your chubby little stubby. I bet you’d love it if I teased that stub stiff and rode it all nite long. Well, you don’t get that, dreamer boy. You DO get to fuck this fake pussy, while I taunt you, ridicule you and humiliate you as you cum. Then I’m gonna dump your jizz on your ugly face…”

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Sadistic Princess Danielle Gives You a Sissy Facial Ultimatum

“We can do this one of two ways, wussy. You can pinch your sissy pimple and spray your loser jizz all over your face as I verbally humiliate you — or I can put on my dominatrix gloves, extract the cum from you the painful way and slap it the fuck all over your face. Either way, you are getting a sissy facial tonight…”

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Sissy Facial: Princess Tiffani Makes You Cum All Over Your Face

“Hey there, my closet sissy boy. I know you want to cum for Princess Tiffani today. You’d luv it if I sucked on your nubby or let you rub it between my big boobies. But sissies don’t get to cum that way, like a real man. You have to arch your hips like a naughty slut and splatter that cummie all over your loser face. Like this..”

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Pillow Humper Humiliation with Snobby Princess Katie

“I want you to show me how you hump your pillow, you live-at-home, mama’s-boy loser. I want you to ride that pillow as I verbally humiliate you. Then I want you to CUM. Get it all dirty and jizzy and sticky as I laugh at you and destroy your manhood. Then you’re gonna rub your face in it…..”

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Cheerleader Selena Still Owns You: Cum in Your Face and Prove It

“I used to humiliate the hell out of you back in school. Remember, dork? You were so desperate for ANY attention from me, you’d do anything I commanded. I know you still drool over the memory of me in my cheerleading outfit. And you’re gonna prove it tonite by jerking a load into your face as I laugh at you…”

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GAG U Session 5: Mistress Jennifer Pimps You Out & Punishes You

“Now that you’ve been humiliated, broken down and trained for cock, it’s time to get your ass out to the bars so you can suck cock for real. For ME, your sissy pimp mistress. And if you don’t come back with a wad of cash and a slut face full of cum? I will whip your panty ass and punish you with my strap-on…”

GAG05_jen_0002_Layer 2

GAG05_jen_0003_Layer 1

GAG05_jen_0001_Layer 3 GAG05_jen_0000_Layer 4

GAG U Session 4: Goddess Scarlett Trains You to Be a Cock Slut

“How hilarious! You want to be a sissy cocksucker? Don’t deny it. You already admitted it! I know you want to. Well, Miss Sissy wanna-be. I’m gonna train you to strut like a cocktease. Then I’m sending you on a public humiliation assignment with a plug up your ass and jizz all over your slut face…”

GAG04_scarlett_0000_Layer 4 GAG04_scarlett_0001_Layer 3 GAG04_scarlett_0002_Layer 2 GAG04_scarlett_0003_Layer 1

Girls Love Facials: Bratty Becky Humiliates You at Her Salon

“You’re bringing me to my salon today for a facial and makeover. But first I’m gonna give you a sissy facial. The salon girls are gonna laugh so hard when you walk in with cum all over your face. Don’t worry, I told them you’re my sissy. Then, later, sissy slavey gets to watch my boyfriend ruin my facial…”

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