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Your Chastity Check-in Session with Sadistic Goddess Selena

“Your wife asked me to check in on you while she’s away with her boyfriend. Is your chastity cage nice and tight, little boy blueballs? Let me see. Aww. Why don’t I take off my sexy shoes so you can suck on my toes while your wife is enjoying the taste of her boyfriend’s big thick monster cock. Suck it for Selena, cucky..”



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Leg Worship, Butt Kisses and Cock Teasing with Princess Missy

“I tried on six of my sexiest outfits to make you so insanely desperate and weak for me that you’ll stay up all night jerking your little dicklette RAW as you drool over my legs and dream of kissing my ass. How many loads of sissy cream do you think you’re going to be licking up for me by the time I get thru with you?…”

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Goddess Tessa Coldly Considers Your Chastity Release Request

“I don’t have all day to listen to your whining. So get down on your hands and knees and tell me what it is you want me to do. And — if you’re not willing to put my needs above yours? If you’re not prepared to humiliate yourself in front of me right now? We have nothing to talk about. So go on. Speak. I’m listening…”

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Becky and Tiffani Force You to Fuck Your Pigsnot-Crusted Pillow

“Eewwww! You are a filthy, disgusting oink pig. And you don’t ever get to cum unless you are in the act of humiliating yourself while we degrade you and laugh at you. So, you’re gonna plug your ass, and wriggle around on your humpy pillow, until we decide we’ve abused you enough to give you the cum command…”

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Your Dominant Boss Akira Coerces You to Suck a Client’s Cock

“We are going to nail this contract at any cost and you are going to help me. I am going to seduce our client, get his cock rock hard, get him blind drunk, and then YOU are going to come crawling in to finish him off for me. You’re going to suck his cock and swallow his load like the perfect little slut. Or be fired. Let’s practice…”

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Breaking and Training a Male Authority Figure with Princess Katie

“You thought you were going to be the strict male authority figure I ‘need’ to control my wild behavior thru college. So, howz that working out for you, daddipantz? Cuz tonite, I finish breaking and training you. Be at my sorority room at 7pm and prepare to swallow your pride like never before…”

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Cruel Tessa Assumes the Role of Your Sadistic Sex Therapist

“I heard you started seeing a sex therapist because of your ‘crippling fetishes’ and weakness for women who ‘sexually humiliate’ you. Poor Mr Sensitive. You’re going to dismiss her immediately. I’m going to be your sex therapist. Our first session begins now: tightening your chastity cage and putting you into sissy panties…”

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Goddess Alexis Grace Invades Your Loser Room to Humiliate You

“I had a feeling you lived like a complete dork-loser. Let’s have a look under your bed and see what kind of sissy jerk-off material you’ve been hiding… OMG. Are you kidding me? What a wuss you are. I’m gonna expose all your secrets and make you hump your pillow for me while I rip you a new one…”

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Your Evil Intern Alexis Coaxes You to Cum and Destroys Your Date

“Too bad you have a date, bossy bitch. Cuz tonite’s the night I was gonna tease your cock with my foot and let you sniff up and down my pantyhose. But I guess you’d rather go out with her than get smothered by my ass and pussy, huh. You better go. Cuz if you stay here? I’m gonna humiliate you till you cum…”

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Your New Intern Missy Cock-Trains You to Be Her Office Jerk Slave

“I knew you were a wuss when you interviewed me. Now, today, on my first day working for you? I intend on seducing you, breaking you and enslaving you. Once I turn you into my helpless jerk puppet, I’ll tell you why I wanted to work for you – and how I intend on destroying you. Ready to unzip for me, wimp?…”

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