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Selena Makes You Swallow His Cum for Sliming Your Sissy Panties

“You can crawl out from under the bed. My stud is gone. Were you wriggling around in your sissy panties all night while he fucked me? Strip those panties off and let me see them. If I find one smear of sissy slime in your punishment panties, I’m going to make you swallow his massive cumload. Now strip, little miss cucky panties…”

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Cuckold Princess Sari Emasculates You with a Humiliating Foot Job

“Your rival won the award. So he gets to have me. You get the consolation prize. To kiss the toes I had pedicured today. To beg me not to fuck him. To stare up my skirt at the pussy that no longer belongs to you. Maybe I’ll take pity on you and give you a foot job. Not a sensual foot job, but a humiliating foot job, like this…”

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Tessa Puts Her Panties on Your Face and Your Dog Dish at Her Feet

“You took me shopping and now it’s time for your reward. I’m going to drape my panties over your face and place your doggie dish at my feet. Shall I unlock your chastity cage now? I’m not sure if I want to. It’s so much fun to watch you beg and squirm. I think I like you better in your cage, Mr Puppy Pants…”

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Purple Nails on Blueballs: Princess Tessa Torments You to Tears

“Have you noticed that my exquisite fingernails and toenails are the very same color of your poor pathetic blueballs? I keep my hands and feet creamy white and my nails dark purple to keep you aching for what you will never get from me: mercy. My hands and feet are instruments of torment, to tease and deny you…”

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Princess Jade: How to Break Up with a Shrimp Dick Crybaby Loser

“Why should I just dump you when I can humiliate the fuck out of you and THEN dump you? Like, compare your shrimp dick to your friend’s huge cock, show you the condom he used to fuck me, rub it in your face, make you eat his cum, and command you to jerk into his dirty condom before I break up with you for good…”

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Your Exxx Kendra Coaxes Your DNA into a Dangerous Pair of Panties

“I’m unlocking your cockcage to use your panty fetish as a little blackmail insurance against you. I’m going to tease you with my own lacy panties, drape them over your face and then coax you into creaming a very special pair of white cotton panties. Drench them with your DNA for me, darling. So that I can destroy you…”

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Tessa Sissy-Humiliates You for Getting Caught with Her Panties

“You’ve been a very naughty boy. Are you going to confess?  What were you doing with a pair of my panties in your room? What filthy, dirty, forbidden thing were you going to try to do with them? Are you going to tell me the truth? Or am I going to have to make your punishment even worse, for fibbing?”

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How Your Wicked Step-Sis Missy Tricked You into Sissy Chastity

“Your life became miserable the day I moved in and started bossing you around. You hated me — when you weren’t filling your fist with Missy squirts. Do you remember what I did to take total control of you? I tricked you into wearing a chastity cage and butt plug, turning you into my sissy step-dork. Here’s how I did it…”

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Princess Heather Cuckolds You Between Her Massive Boobies

“I’ve got a new boyfriend and there’s nothing you can do about it — except bury your face between my boobs and sob. You’re gonna take the condom he used to fuck me, pull it over your pecker, and cucky-fuck it, as I tease you with my massive Double D’s. If you don’t like it? Too bad. Heather makes the rules…”

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Goddess Akira Wants Your ‘Cucky Luck’ Kisses Before Her Date

“I’ve got a date with a hot guy. Are you jealous? Don’t worry cuckie, I’ll make you a sex tape to jerk off to. In the mean time, I want you to kiss me good luck – on my boobies, my pussy, my butt and on my feet. No licking, just kisses, to get me warmed up for him. You can jerk your peepee once I’m gone…”

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