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Princess Tiffani Locks Her ‘Puppy’ into His Confinement Cage

“Does Princess Tiffani’s puppy want out of his cage? You can’t even wag your tail, can you? Poor widdle puppy. Awww look at the little cutie in his cage! Should I let you out to play? Will you be a good puppy for Princess? Or are you going to try to hump my leg and make a naughty mess all over my pretty high heels?….”


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Play Peekaboo with Missy’s Toes in Her Sheer Toeless Pantyhose

“I love what happens to that bulge in your pants when I dangle my high heels and then let one slip off, revealing a peek of my naked toes. Is your boner starting to tremble and sputter? Aww. Good. Because I’m just getting started. I intend on turning you into a pathetic little puddle of drool at my pretty feet…”



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Princess Remi Destroys Your Date with Her Sexy Feet

“I heard something hilarious. Do you have a date tonight?! Well, that’s too bad. Because I was going to let you worship my sexy feet after work. But I guess it would be pretty humiliating for you to go on your date with my feet smeared all over your face and a nasty hot load of Remi squirts in your pants, wouldn’t it?…”


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Intern Katie Destroys Your Date and Blackmails You into Cumming

“Look at you! All dressed up for a date? Too bad. I WAS going to let you worship my feet tonite after work. Maybe even give you a foot job. But I guess you need to go on that date, huh. Or you could get down on your knees, kiss my boots, suck my heels and sniff my toes thru my pantyhose. It’s up to you, weakling…”




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Missy Teases You to Your Knees til You Beg to Worship Her Ass

“Why would I wear shimmery sheer stockings under a pair of tight high-waisted shorts with spike heels? Because they make you stupid. And once your little boner starts poking up in your pants, worshiping my butt is just the first of many humiliating things I can make you do. Isn’t that right, my little puppet?…”




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Miss Kendra Begins Your Transformation into Her Chastity Sissy

“Once I tease you to your knees with my silky legs and coax my stiletto heel into your mouth, it won’t be long before I can lock you into chastity and do anything I wish with you. And what does Step Dommy Kendra want? To tease, manipulate and transform you into becoming my helplessly submissive sissy…”

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Cruel Tessa Dangles Her Ankle Bracelet to Torment Your Caged Cock

“I really don’t need to put a leash on your cockcage to control you. All I need to do is put on a bikini, high heels and dangle an ankle bracelet in your direction. Then, all of a sudden, you’re on your knees. Drooling. Awaiting my commands. Hoping I’ll give you a little relief. My pathetic begging foot fool… “

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Your Co-Worker Kendra Uses Her Sexy Legs to Dangle & Destroy u

“Ever wondered whether that sexy co-worker of yours wears obscenely short skirts, sky high heels and fetish stockings just to tease and manipulate you? You’re gonna find out today, little man. And I’m going to see just how far I can dangle you from my pretty feet before I can completely destroy you…”

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5 Days, 5 Teases: Office Leg Worship Week with Your Boss Selena

“Do you know why I wear short skirts, high heels, bitchy boots and silky pantyhose to work? To keep you weak and subservient to me. In this video, I give you a taste of what it would be like to be my crawling, drooling underling for a 5-day work week. 5 days, 5 teases, 5 foot and leg worship sessions…”

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Corporate Cock Training with Your Office Intern Tiffani

“Every college intern needs to cocktrain her boss into submission. The best way? Find out his fetishes and use your wardobe as a weapon. Tonight after work, I’m gonna use my legs, heels and open-toe pantyhose to make u crawl, beg, worship my feet and then cum all over your face as I toe-tease and ridicule u…” 9 minutes
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