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Boot Worship is Goddess Selena’s Gateway Drug to Cock Sucking

“You might think you’re just a straight guy who enjoys a little kinky boot worship. But once I have you sucking my heels and licking the filthy soles of my dominatrix boots? It won’t be long before it’s my big black dildo sliding down your throat. Before I blackmail my boot sissy into sucking a big fat dick for me for real…”


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Goddess Selena Turns You into Her Cocksucking Sissy Bitch

“The last time you were here I seduced and bullied you into licking up my bull’s cumload, like the little puppy bitch you are. Now, you’re going to suck dick for me — on your knees in front of the entire city. First, you’re gonna deep throat this practice dildo for me. Then you’re gonna suck cock for me for real…”

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Becky and Tiffani Bully You into Cocksucking and Cum Swallowing

“When you finish playacting and faking it as a real man in front of your family and at work, you’re going to strip and put on panties and high heels for your princesses, so we can fuck your face with a big bad cock and then command you to blow your little loser load all over your face as we laugh at you. The real you, sissy…”

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Confess Your Lust for Cock to Cuckoldress Princess Kobe

“I know you’re jealous that I fuck my boyfriend while you wear a chastity cage. I thought you were jealous of HIM. But you’re actually jealous of ME. That I get to take his big dick deep inside me. You wish you were the one with his cock jizzing down your throat. Tell the truth. I want your cock confession. Now…”

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Your Exxx Kendra Lets You Cum Only If You’ll Suck Cock for Her

“I’ve had you in chastity for three weeks now. And the only way I’m going to let you out is so that you can ejaculate on the head of this giant dildo, so that I can shove the dildo down your throat and make you gag on that cum, while I put you through a cocksucking lesson. Your choice, darling…”

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Cruel Heather Bullies You into Giving Her Jock Boyfriend a Blow Job

“I promised my stud boyfriend a nasty BJ but I don’t want to muss my hair and face. So guess who’s gonna sneak in and suck him off after I tease his cock? HA HA! If you want to be my sissy, you’re gonna have to suck dick. If he catches you, he will kill you, so I need to teach you to suck and swallow like a girly-girl…”

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Your Therapist Dr. Kendra Helps You Accept Your True Sissy Nature

“In my professional opinion, you’re incapable of functioning as a masculine man. To help you accept your true sissy nature, I want you wearing feminine undergarments all the time. And I’m going to teach you to achieve sexual pleasure as what you are: a submissive sissy. Now, repeat after me: ‘Yes, Dr. Kendra…'”

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Pimpstress Sari Sells Your Mouth & Virgin Rectum to a Gay Master

“I seduce submissive bitch-boys like you and then sell you off as a sissy sex slave. Your pouty mouth and your tight little ass belong to me now and I intend on selling them to the highest bidder. I have a client willing to pay top dollar for virgin sissy boys. Once I get your mouth and ass trained, you are his…”

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Princess Katie’s Sorority Pimps You out as Their Sissy Sex Slave

“My sorority sisters and I have decided to turn our little stable of sissies into sex slaves to make us money. I’m sending you out to a client who wants a straight, submissive virgin to use as his sex toy. So, sissy. I’m gonna plug you, lock you into chastity, and teach you to please a man like a good little bitch…”

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Bikini Bitches Becky and Tiffani Put You on a Dick-Sucking Diet

“Because you plump up like a pig every holiday season, we’re putting you on a special dick-sucking diet. Your only source of protein is gonna be steamy, skanky, gooey-hot male cum down your throat. You’ll have to suck dick or starve! To start you can beg us to masturbate our boyfriends into your mouth….”

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