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Selena Emasculates Your Manhood As She Prepares for a Date

“Poor loser. While I’m making myself super hot for another guy all you get to do is stand in the corner of my powder room, twiddling your little dick, trying to sneak a lookie up my skirt. Pathetic? That would be a compliment for you. Just wait until I look you in the eye and put you firmly in your place…”


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Goddess Tessa Sends You to Your Knees to Proclaim Your Servitude

“If you truly want to devote yourself to me, you need to be on your knees in my presence. Only boyfriends and real men get to stand before me. So, get on your hands and knees where you belong, crawl to me, and let me hear your devotion to me. Repeat after me, ‘Yes, Goddess Tessa, I am not worthy…”


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Remi Rejects You and Reveals What She Wants in a Real Man

“I don’t like wishy-washy, mealy-mouth indecisive wimps — like you. I want a man who’s tough and hard and strong. Like your rival. I let him fuck me today, just to see what it would be like. And I LOVED it. I loved it so much that I wanted you to have a taste of my experience. I know you’re gonna love it too, sissy…”

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Princess Tessa Offers to Release You If You Can Seduce Her

“We’re going to pretend we’re at a bar. I’m going to let you try your best pick-up lines on me. If you can impress me, seduce me, turn me on with your charm and wit? Maybe I’ll unlock your chastity cage and take you into my bedroom. But if you bore me? Or repulse me? There will be humiliating consequences…”

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Your Girlfriend Katie Fucks Her Boss but Only Lets You Jerk It to Her

“I’m getting ready for work, what do you want? Sex? NO. Unemployed losers don’t get sex, they get to fuck their fists and cream their pajama bottoms. You can jerk your morning wood and think about the blow job I’ll be giving my successful boss today. Hurry up, loser. Blow your load, I don’t have all day…”


Humiliatrix Welcomes 2014 with the Princess Ignore Cam


Six Humiliatrix Hotties Tease Your Pecker, Give You the Finger, Trash Talk Your Manhood, and Ignore You as We Gloss Our Wet Lips and Get Ready to Party with Our Studs, All Nite Long.  Six UHD Videos!



Ice Princess Tessa Ignores Your Pleas

Cruel, dominant Tessa cooly and calmly applies her makeup and ignores your crybaby blubbering as you beg her not to cuckold you. The more you beg and grovel, the even less of a man you are to Tessa, silly wussy. So you might as well just take your place in Tessa’s closet and piddle your cucky tears into your ex-girlfriend’s sexed-up panties. You pathetic little reject. 5 emasculating minutes. 
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You Are Princess Caitlyn’s Teased & Denied, Pussy-Whipped Sugar Daddy

Princess Caitlyn teased your cock into a $1200 shopping spree. Now you’re back in her room at the sorority – and what do you get? You get to worship Caitlyn’s perfect ass and kiss her pretty toes as she ignores you. Don’t pout! You can crawl into Caitlyn’s closet and fuck your fist while she fucks her boyfriend in the sexy lingerie you bought for her. HA HA! Loser!
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Ice Princess Rhianna Invites You to Spend the Night

Perfect Princess Rhianna has invited you to spend the night at her home, reminding you to bring along your toothbrush. Are you excited, imbecile? When Rhianna leads you up to her master suite, just what do you think is going to happen? Prepare to have your pathetic hopes crushed and your feeble manhood emasculated by cruel Ice Princess Rhianna…

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Princess Courtney Dumps You and Drains You Before Her Date

The meanest girl from school is back to turn you into a depleted, defeated fool. Princess Courtney uses the pathetic crush you have always had on her to weaken your resolve and drain you dry before her big date. On your knees like a good outfit tester and and spill your useless love squirts into Courtney’s panties – she won’t be needing them!

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