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Princess Remi Gives You a Raunchy Post-Workout Reward

“Were you a good little house slave for me while I was doing my workout at the gym? Did you scrub my toilets and peel all my boyfriend’s dirty condoms off the floor? Good. It’s time for your reward. You get to worship me in my sweaty gym clothes. Come on along. Crawl up behind me and take a good long whiff…”



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Princess Remi Puts You Through Two Degrading Humiliation Tasks

“Get down on your hands and knees and crawl into my bathroom NOW. You’re going to lick my toilet clean, from the base of the bowl all the way to the inside, until it is spotless to my satisfaction. Then you’re going to take that disgusting sewer of a mouth of yours and practice sucking on this big nasty cock…”



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Bikini Brat Remi Degrades You in the Sorority Bathroom

“Are you an idiot? Or are you trolling for punishment? I expected the sorority bathrooms to be spotless this morning. But there are dirty condoms and messy tampons in the trash. And now I’m going to use them to humiliate you. Crawl over here, sissy bitch. You can start by cleaning the toilet…”

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Cruel Kendra Sissifies and Spanks You in Her Silky Stockings

“Since you are obsessed with sniffing and fondling my stockings, I’m going to pull a pair of my lacy nylons tight over your chastity cage, beneath an adorable sissy maid dress I got for you, so that you can do your chores properly attired. First I’m going to scold and spank you, across my silky lap, in your humiliating attire…”kenSPK_0006_layer1 kenSPK_0005_layer2 kenSPK_0004_layer3 kenSPK_0003_layer4 kenSPK_0002_layer5 kenSPK_0001_layer6 kenSPK_0000_layer7

Missy Turns You into Her Sorority’s Humiliated Toilet Slave

“My sorority needs a bathroom bitch. Someone to scrub our showers and toilets. To keep us stocked in beauty products, birth control and tampons. But don’t worry about keeping us stocked in toilet paper. I had an even better idea. Get on your hands and knees while I pull down my bikini bottoms, wussy…”

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Your Sadistic Exxx Kendra Reduces You to Sissy Maid Servitude

“It’s not enough for me that you wear that sissy maid uniform. It’s not enough that you spent an entire day on your knees scrubbing the estate you lost to me in our divorce decree. Not sufficiently degrading, darling. I want more. I want you broken completely. I want every last drop of your dignity. Down your throat… “

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Goddess Tessa Slaps You Down from Boyfriend to Sissy Slave

“I know you ache to be my boyfriend. And though I love all the lingerie you bought me, I’ve made a decision. I just don’t see you as a man. You’re more like a lapdog or a playtoy to me. And so the only way I’ll consider keeping you around is if you’re willing to be a sissy servant for me – and my new boyfriend…” 8 minutes
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Miss Kendra Strips You of Your Masculinity for Panties and a Plug

“You’re about to learn who wears the pants in this house – and who wears the sissy emasculation panties. And if you give me any sass? I will pull down your panty bottoms and insert this plug, all the way: to teach you an even more humiliating lesson. Now get to your housework before my lady friends arrive…”


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Dominant Stephanie Wears The Pants, You Wear the Wussy Panties

“I just got a promotion – and you don’t even have a job. You’re a pathetic excuse for a man and useless as a husband. If you’re going to stay home all day you’re going to be doing the housework in these: sissy panties and a punishment plug. Your first task is to prepare the bedroom for me and my new lover…”

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Princess Angel Commands You to Fuck Your Fist and Lick It Up

What’s worse than being dumped for another guy? How about having your face rubbed in your disgrace. Princess Angel puts on the lingerie you bought for her and then commands you to cuckyfuck your fist into a dog dish – before she ditches you to bang your best friend. If you refuse to fuck your fist for her? She will reveal your sexual shortcomings to EVERYONE. Wimp.

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