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Missy Teases, Denies and Torments Your Desperation Boner

“I luv the new bra and panty set you bought me. Do you like the way it looks on me, boner boy? I bet my boyfriend’s gonna love it too – when he fucks me in it later tonite. HA HA! Too bad, dork. You can look and you can drool, but you can’t touch. Have fun fucking your fist while he’s pounding my tight wet pussy!…”


Sock Puppet: Amber Uses Her Stinky Workout Socks to Control You


Goddess Tessa Slaps You Down from Boyfriend to Sissy Slave

“I know you ache to be my boyfriend. And though I love all the lingerie you bought me, I’ve made a decision. I just don’t see you as a man. You’re more like a lapdog or a playtoy to me. And so the only way I’ll consider keeping you around is if you’re willing to be a sissy servant for me – and my new boyfriend…” 8 minutes
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