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Miss Kendra Lets You Make Cummies If You Admit You’re Her Sissy

“Does it make you jealous to see me making myself sexy for another man? Does it make you pout when I bring my bulls into the bedroom? Poor simpering sissy. Would you like a consolation prize? If you admit you’re Miss Kendra’s sorry little sissy, I’ll tease your little nubbie until it starts to sputter into your panties…”


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Grad 8: Goddess Harley Rae Teases and Denies You with Her 36DDs

“While I’m getting ready to cocktease a hot frat guy into hooking up with me, I decided to take five minutes out of my busy evening to put you in your loser place and remind you why you could NEVER get a girl like me. I’m gonna tease you with my amazing DDs till you’re covered in drool and slimed in precum…”

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Total Emasculation Part 2: Nikki and Jen Destroy Your Dignity


Cock Cage? Tierra Puts You Through an Emasculating Body Worship Session


Take the Loser Loyalty Test with Evil Princess Becky

“So, wussy. It’s your stupid loser wedding anniversary. You can buy your wife that gift or you can give it all up for me, evil Princess Becky. You can go home and fuck your wife, boring style. Zzz. Or I can turn you into my sissy fuckbrat and take all the cum from you, Becky style. It’s your choice, nawtee bitchboy, LOL…” 10 minutes.
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