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How Missy Destroyed Your Confidence with Girls Forever

“Do you remember what I did to you back in school to demolish your confidence with girls and turn you into the pathetic, intimidated ‘Missy jerk puppet’ closet sissy you will always be? You’re gonna relive that experience with me tonite. And then I’m gonna finish you off exactly the way I did back then…”


Sadistic Dr. Selena Extracts Your Semen Sample

“If you can’t produce a semen sample for me while I stand here and glare at you, I’ll have to snap on a latex glove, lube my index finger, insert the probe and extract that sample the painful, humiliating way. Either way, you are going to give Doctor Selena exactly what she wants. Now, drop your drawers…”


FACE FUCKED: Pledge Mistress Missy finishes You Off in Front of the Sorority


Total Emasculation Part 2: Nikki and Jen Destroy Your Dignity


Panty Wimp: Scarlett Intimidates You into Jerking Her Panties with Your DNA


Naked Missy Makes You Help Her Dress to Seduce Your Rival

“See the lingerie you bought for me? I’m gonna put it on to seduce your rival. You’re gonna watch me dress for him. And you’re gonna jerk your sad little boner and tell me how great I look and how hard he’s gonna fuck me – to make my pussy nice and wet – for HIM… Now hand me my lipstick, dork…” 16 minutes/36 pix
Princess Missy 
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Sadistic Kendra Dangles Your Fetishes to Destroy Your Date

“I heard you have a new girlfriend. Does she know all about your submissive side? Why don’t I call her and tell her right now, before your date. If you don’t want me to tell her the humiliating truth about you, I’m going to use your fetishes to make you cream your pants right now – until you’re drained dry for your date.” 9 minutes
Kendra James from
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Princess Selena Pounds Your Sissy Pussy – with Your Own Cum

Princess Selena commands you to jerk the contents of your worthless little cock onto the head of her strap-on dildo, so she can use your ‘loser lube’ to give you a good, hard ass-fucking. Lie on your back, hold up your ankles, and prepare to have your own cum crammed back up your ass by Selena, as she gives you a ferociously rough punishment fucking…

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