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Sissy Slave: Luna Degrades You in Front of Her Boyfriend’s Frat Brothers


Tessa Brings You on a Business Trip as Her Sissy Secretary

Princess Tessa from
“Ever since the company promoted me over you, you’ve been carrying on like a pouty little brat. Well, Mister Sassy Panties, if you want to keep your job you’re going to learn to leave your macho man attitude at the door. I’m going on a business trip and have decided to bring you along as my sissy secretary…” 4 minutes. 
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Goddess Stephanie Gives You a High Heel Humiliation Assignment

Princess Stephanie from
“When I sent you into my shoe closet, I told you to clean and organize – not drool and dribble. Since you have such an uncontrollable fetish for my high heels, I’m going to take the pair of spike heels that you ruined and use them to punish and humiliate you. Crawl back into my shoe closet and strip. NOW… ” 4 minutes.