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Bratty Brooke Fuck-Taunts You with Her Cute Little Ankle Sock

“Which would you rather do: Go home and beg for pussy from your bored-looking woman, who’s probably cucking you. Or… Beg to spank your sad little spitload into my cute white ankle sock, while I degrade you? Which is more humiliating for you? Take your dick out, dweeb. Cuz I already know the answer…”


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Princess Heather Ridicules and Abuses Your Worthless Little Cock

“I’m so hot for cock right now. I’m gonna let you fuck my DD titties and then mount me from behind so you can fuck me good and hard. Maybe I’ll finish you off with a blowjob… What’s the matter with you? Why do you look so nervous? Take out your cock for me. I said, show me your cock, NOW…”

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Cougar Akira Cuckolds You in Sissy Humiliation Panties

“When you can’t do the job in the bedroom like a man, you get treated like what you are — a pathetic, inadequate, panty-sniffing sissy. I’ve got a new boyfriend who’s man enough to tear the lingerie off me and satisfy me. While he takes your place in my bedroom, you’re going into panties. You can cream them while he…”

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Missy Rips the Condom off Your Cock to Peg You with Her Strap-on

“I’m going to give you the chance to fuck me with your little peanut dick. If you fail to please me? I’m going to rip the condom off your little cock, push you down on the bed, spit between your legs, raise your ankles and show you how a girl likes to get fucked: long and hard, sissy bitch….”

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Princess Sari Teases and Taunts Your Laughable Little Penis

“I want you to unzip and try to impress me. Do you have the kind of cock that’s gonna get me wet? Or do you have a tiny little dicklette, made for taunting? Will I be rolling a huge XL condom over your monster dick so you can fuck me? Or will I be commanding you to piddle your little fist as I humiliate you?…”

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Princess Remi Destroys Your Confidence with Cute Girls Forever

“Look at you. Home all alone again with your chubby little stubby. I bet you’d love it if I teased that stub stiff and rode it all nite long. Well, you don’t get that, dreamer boy. You DO get to fuck this fake pussy, while I taunt you, ridicule you and humiliate you as you cum. Then I’m gonna dump your jizz on your ugly face…”

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Long Island Superbitch Jade Cuckold-Humiliates You with His Cum

“Long Island bitches get whatever we want or we will go mafia princess on your sissy ass. if I want jewelry, you will drain your credit cards on me. If I want your rival’s big cock, you will prepare to lick my snatch after I fuck him.  And if you EVER do anything to defy me I will humiliate the living fuck out of you. Like this…”

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Keyholder Goddess Alexis Grace Torments Your Caged Cock

“I believe every woman should keep her bitch boy in chastity. Tormenting caged cocks is my specialty and I luv offering my keyholding services to my girlfriends. I am going to use everything — from my tongue to my toes — to drown that little cock of yours in precum. I’ll even let you cage-hump my pussy from behind… “

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Pornstar Alexis Grace Subjects You to a Humiliating Charity Fuck

“How do you think your pecker compares to the cock of a pornstar stud? I’m gonna let you try to mount and fuck me from behind, just so I can laugh at your puny cock and your lame spitload. After I get done emasculating that little cock of yours, I’m gonna strip your tiny condom off you and feed you your loser goo…”

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