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Princess Remi Lets You Hump the Carpet as She Abuses You

“I’ve decided to let you cum. But you know you don’t EVER get to do that unless you are in the act of being supremely humiliated. So, today I decided that if you want to cum for me? I want some rug burns up and down that worthless little cock of yours. Get down on your belly and get ready for my humiliating commands….”



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How Mean Girl Kendra Destroyed Your Confidence with Girls for Life

“You remember me. I was the mean girl you had a crush on back in school. Do you remember all the sadistic things I did to you? I scarred you for life. Turned you into a perverted little jerkoff. I bet you still cream your fist thinking of all the cruel things I made you do. Well I’m about to make you do them all over again…”



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Your MILF Neighbor Kobe Humiliates You for Jerking Off to Her

“I see you touching yourself from the little peephole in your blinds when I’m sunning myself by the pool. And now I’m going to humiliate you for it — unless you’d rather have me blackmail you. You’re going to report to my bedroom so I can make a humiliation video of you pumping your little cock as I belittle you…”


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Grad 1: Cheerleader Becky Blackmails u for Your Addiction

“I got into your computer and learned all about your addiction to the bratty bitches at Which means that you just became my slave. And now you’re going to learn the true meaning of humiliation. And if you don’t do exactly what I command you to do? I will expose your secret to everyone…”

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Pig Pen’s Place: Tiffani Turns You into the Sorority’s Filthy Trash Can

“Listen up, pig pen. You’re gonna get kicked into a mud puddle and crammed in a trash can, so we can flick our ashes in your mouth, stuff our dirty tampons in your undies, and dump our boyfriends’ gooey dirty condoms over your face, before we leash walk you down fraternity row as our new mascot, the oink pig…”

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Girls Love Facials: Bratty Becky Humiliates You at Her Salon

“You’re bringing me to my salon today for a facial and makeover. But first I’m gonna give you a sissy facial. The salon girls are gonna laugh so hard when you walk in with cum all over your face. Don’t worry, I told them you’re my sissy. Then, later, sissy slavey gets to watch my boyfriend ruin my facial…”

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FACE FUCKED: Pledge Mistress Missy finishes You Off in Front of the Sorority


Total Emasculation Part 2: Nikki and Jen Destroy Your Dignity


Total Emasculation: Nikki & Jen Destroy What’s Left of Your Dignity – Pt 1


Sissy Slave: Luna Degrades You in Front of Her Boyfriend’s Frat Brothers