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Your Sexy Boss Selena Lets You Worship Her Divine Legs

“Your little cock is stiff for me from the moment you get to work until the moment I send you home. I bet you fantasize about your gorgeous, sexy boss all day long. Can you imagine me letting you actually worship me? Get down on your knees and maybe your wimpy wussy daydreams will come true…”



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Goddess Selena Turns You into Her Cocksucking Sissy Bitch

“The last time you were here I seduced and bullied you into licking up my bull’s cumload, like the little puppy bitch you are. Now, you’re going to suck dick for me — on your knees in front of the entire city. First, you’re gonna deep throat this practice dildo for me. Then you’re gonna suck cock for me for real…”

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Goddess Selena Lets You Choose the Outfit She’ll Wear to Peg You

“I’m taking you into the bedroom tonite. You’re going to kiss my ass and worship my stilettos. And then? I’m throwing you down on the bed to give you the good hard ass fucking you’ve been begging for with your prissy attitude. The only choice you have is what S/M outfit I’m going to wear to dominate you…”

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TV Weathercaster Selena Knows You Jerk Off to Her

“I know why you watch me do the weather on TV every morning. So you can cream your little fist while you stare at my hot body and imagine yourself worshiping my goddess legs and perfect feet as I humiliate you. What would you do if I stared into the camera one morning and commanded you to cum for me?…”

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Bossy Selena Strips You of Your Manhood and Puts You into Panties

“You need to get over the fact that I am your boss and you are beneath me. You do not wear the pants in this office anymore. You need a serious attitude adjustment. I’m stripping you of your ‘little man undies’ and putting you into these: sissy panties. So you can either pull your pants down or be FIRED…”

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Cheerleader Selena Still Owns You: Cum in Your Face and Prove It

“I used to humiliate the hell out of you back in school. Remember, dork? You were so desperate for ANY attention from me, you’d do anything I commanded. I know you still drool over the memory of me in my cheerleading outfit. And you’re gonna prove it tonite by jerking a load into your face as I laugh at you…”

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Wanted: Weak Foot Freak to Be Selena’s Pathetic Pedicure Slave

“Are you weak enough to be my pedicure slave? Let’s find out. Does your little cock snap to attention when I slip off my heels and flash you my toes? Do you long to live on your hands and knees for me? Is it your dream to sleep in my shoe closet? Would you break up with your girlfriend to be with my feet?…”

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Office Chastity: Boss Selena Binds Your Balls with Her Pantyhose

“I’m sick of seeing your little prick jump to attention every time I cross my legs or bend over. I’m going to tie my dirty pantyhose painfully tight around your worthless cock and balls and bind them tight around your waist. With your dick and balls in pantyhose bondage, we’ll see if your macho attitude improves…”

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Sadistic Dr. Selena Extracts Your Semen Sample

“If you can’t produce a semen sample for me while I stand here and glare at you, I’ll have to snap on a latex glove, lube my index finger, insert the probe and extract that sample the painful, humiliating way. Either way, you are going to give Doctor Selena exactly what she wants. Now, drop your drawers…”


You Are Selena’s Pathetic Pussy-Fluffing Cuckold Jerk Slave

“You’re not the man of this house. You don’t have the balls to be the man of this house – and I am going to rub that fact in your face tonite. You’re gonna fluff my pussy before my man comes over. Then, when he’s fucking me and he and I are cumming? You can jerk-squirt your cuckload into my dirty panties…”
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