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Bratty Brooke Fuck-Taunts You with Her Cute Little Ankle Sock

“Which would you rather do: Go home and beg for pussy from your bored-looking woman, who’s probably cucking you. Or… Beg to spank your sad little spitload into my cute white ankle sock, while I degrade you? Which is more humiliating for you? Take your dick out, dweeb. Cuz I already know the answer…”


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Play Peekaboo with Missy’s Toes in Her Sheer Toeless Pantyhose

“I love what happens to that bulge in your pants when I dangle my high heels and then let one slip off, revealing a peek of my naked toes. Is your boner starting to tremble and sputter? Aww. Good. Because I’m just getting started. I intend on turning you into a pathetic little puddle of drool at my pretty feet…”



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Princess Missy Needs a Heel-Kissing Sock-Puppet Weakling

“What would you risk to be my heel-kissing sock puppet? I bet you’d risk losing everything, and all I’d have to do is put on my baby pink stilettos and knee socks. Like I’m gonna do right now. And I’m sooo sure you’d do something totally stoopid to get just a tiny little kiss of my toes…”


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You Will Always Be Cheerleader Amy’s Toe-Kissing Homework Nerd

“You had such a crush on me back in school. And all I did was crush your hopes and humiliate you. But it was super-nice of me to let you be my ‘homework nerd.’ Wasn’t it, loser? I let you do all my assignments in exchange for worshiping my feet. Do you still jerk off into the stinky ankle socks I let you have? I bet you do. Dork…”


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Grad 4: Beg to Be Princess Katie’s Sock Puppet Sugardaddy

“If you want to be my sugardaddy, I need you at my feet, all the time. I want you so obsessed that the only sexual relationship you crave is with my cute toes and dirty socks. Cuz the only way I’m EVER gonna let you cum is with one Katie sock in your mouth and the other wrapped around your tiny pecker. Like this….”

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Wanted: Weak Foot Freak to Be Selena’s Pathetic Pedicure Slave

“Are you weak enough to be my pedicure slave? Let’s find out. Does your little cock snap to attention when I slip off my heels and flash you my toes? Do you long to live on your hands and knees for me? Is it your dream to sleep in my shoe closet? Would you break up with your girlfriend to be with my feet?…”

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Total Emasculation Part 2: Nikki and Jen Destroy Your Dignity


Sock Puppet: Amber Uses Her Stinky Workout Socks to Control You


Foot Goddess Selena Finishes You Off in Your Face

“Once I figured out you were a foot wimp, I knew exactly what to do to steal your company away from you. Today, I’m going to destroy you completely by teasing you with my sexy legs and pretty toes until you are willing to sign your company over to me and seal the deal by shooting your cumload all over your face…” 12 minutes
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Homecoming Humiliation: Choke It for Cheeleader Stephanie

“Once a little choker, always a little choker. You will NEVER be anything but a pathetic jerk-dweeb for your hot, mean homecoming queen, Cheerleader Stephanie. And now you’re gonna prove it. Someone’s going to the homecoming game with a big blotch of Stephanie squirties in his dork pants…” 4 minutes
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