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Sorority Princess Remi Gives You a Vicious Punishment Fucking

“Come to my sorority house straight after work. Strip down to your chastity cage, put on your humiliation panties and stand in the hallway outside my room until I get back from the gym. Make sure your ass is clean and plugged. Because I am going to put you in your place tonight and fuck you like a rag doll…”

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Sadistic Kendra Seduces You into Going All-the-Way Gay for Her

“I suppose I did promise I was going to go all-the-way with you. Let you lose your virginity to me. I wasn’t lying, darling. I’m taking you all the way tonight. All the way gay, that is. Once I have my way with you in the bedroom, with my strap-on cock? You’re going to be an eager little fuck bunny for all the boys…”

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Your Ultimate Sissification Test with Sadistic Brat Princess Katie

“We’re gonna find out for sure if there’s any tiny trace of a man in you or whether you are 100 percent sissy bitch. I’m gonna strap on a dildo, pin you to the bed and peg your ass good and hard. If you cum when I’m giving you your punishment fucking? There will be no doubt what you are…”

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Missy Rips the Condom off Your Cock to Peg You with Her Strap-on

“I’m going to give you the chance to fuck me with your little peanut dick. If you fail to please me? I’m going to rip the condom off your little cock, push you down on the bed, spit between your legs, raise your ankles and show you how a girl likes to get fucked: long and hard, sissy bitch….”

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Princess Brooke Gives You a Merciless Punishment Fucking

“You thought I was some feisty little ‘fuckbrat’ you could have your way with, huh, Mr Macho? Well, I’m a kickboxer, you idiot. I love taking men twice my size and beating you and then fucking you with my big bad strap-on cock until you scream, ‘I’m your sissy fuckbrat, Princess Brooke!’….”

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Princess Tiffani Prepares You for a Punishment Fucking

“I hate getting attitude from a sissy. That’s the quickest way to get a smack across your face, a cock in your mouth, or if you’re really sassy with me? A good hard punishment fucking with my pink strap-on. Here’s what you can expect if you decide to be a disobedient or snarky sissy with Princess Tiffani…”

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Goddess Selena Lets You Choose the Outfit She’ll Wear to Peg You

“I’m taking you into the bedroom tonite. You’re going to kiss my ass and worship my stilettos. And then? I’m throwing you down on the bed to give you the good hard ass fucking you’ve been begging for with your prissy attitude. The only choice you have is what S/M outfit I’m going to wear to dominate you…”

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Stephanie Sez: “Everything He Does to Me I’m Going to Do to You”

“My new boyfriend loves rough sex. I told him what a sissy wimp cuckold you are. After we finished laughing at you, I told him that whatever he does to me with that big nasty cock of his tonight? I’m going to come home and do to you afterward – with my strap-on cock. Are you scared? You should be. Wimp…”


Sadistic Dr. Selena Extracts Your Semen Sample

“If you can’t produce a semen sample for me while I stand here and glare at you, I’ll have to snap on a latex glove, lube my index finger, insert the probe and extract that sample the painful, humiliating way. Either way, you are going to give Doctor Selena exactly what she wants. Now, drop your drawers…”


Total Emasculation: Nikki & Jen Destroy What’s Left of Your Dignity – Pt 1