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Sadistic Princess Dre Reminds You Why You Will Always Be a Loser

“I haven’t seen you since we were back in school. Back when you were a pimple-faced dweeb with pig snot in your dork pants. Remember how I used to laugh at you and riducule you in front of the girls? Well, I’m gonna put you in your place all over again tonite, little boy jerk-pants. Because nothing has changed…” 9 minutes
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Reunion Humiliation: Missy the Meanest Still Controls Yer Cumloads

Princess Missy from
“Remember me, geek? I used to spit in your cafeteria tray, laugh in your face and humiliate you in front of the popular girls. You pretended to hate me. But I knew the truth. You creamed your pajama bottoms for Missy every nite. Wimp. You still pound your fist-pussy for me. Don’t you. Prove it to me, you sorry-ass virgin…” 14 minutes. 
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Cheerleader Tiffani Catches You Jerking into Her Undies

Princess Tiffani from
“WHAT are you doing in my bedroom, dweeb!?! OH MY GAWD. Were you about to jerk up my undies with your disgusting pig snot? EEEW! Don’t you move, loser. I’m gonna call one of my cheerleader girlfriends and then you’re gonna make a jerkoff humiliation video so every cheerleader can point and laugh at you…” 7 minutes.
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Princess Sari Trashes Your Loser Room

Snarky Princess Sari kicks in the door to your jerk-off palace so that she can have a huge laugh at your expense. Sari finds your weirdo-weakling porn stash, your hilarious pansy-geek barbells and your sticky, skanky hump pillow. What a sad little skidmark you are, loser. LOL at you! 6 minutes.
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Reunion Humiliation with Princess Jessica

The most popular girl in school comes back to crush your dreams and degrade you all over again – just like she used to at the arcade. Don’t you get it, you little creep? No matter what you do to improve yourself, you’ll never be anything to Jess but a pathetic, needy, overlookable loser. Guess who she’s really into? You’re about to find out. Reject. 8 minutes. 
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Cheerleader Harley Makes You Choke It

Harley comes home from practice to find you getting ready to jerk off into her dirty cheer panties. She is furious! Harley decides to teach you a humiliating lesson. She commands you to finish yourself into her panties while she insults and belittles you. Once you squirt your loser DNA into Harley’s panties, she’ll be able to control and abuse you forever! 8 minutes. 
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Cheerleader Harley Makes U Eat His Cum

Cheerleader Harley teased and seduced you into writing her papers for school. While you were doing Harley’s homework like a hopeless dreamer dork, Harley was doing the captain of the football team! Now it’s time for your reward, dumbass! You get to swallow the football captain’s cumload! Then Harley makes you wear his dried up XL condom over your little pecker to class all week long. HA HA! 6 minutes. 
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Bratty Princess Isobel Puts You Thru a Blowjob Tease and Denial Session

Too bad your cock is so worthless, loser. Bratty Princess Isobel might have given you one of her amazing suck and swallow blowjobs. Instead? Because you’re a geek? Isobel is gonna put you thru a BJ tease and denial session – to make the precum tears weep down the shaft of your lonely little bone. Til you’re broken down and begging for relief. No sucky for you! 
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Princess Remi Drains You Dry and Locks You Up

HA HA! It’s LOCKDOWN for you, loser! Princess Remi gives you 2 minutes to drain your little wimp stick before she snaps you into cocklock for the next two weeks – or two months, if you act up like a little bitch. Kiss Remi’s butt and let it all out, dweeb. Cuz it’s the last time yer gonna cum for a long long time. Cocklock begins NOW!

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You Were a Loser in School and Still a Fistfucking Fool for Kendra

Kendra was one of the most popular girls in school. Rich, beautiful and a total bitch. She made you feel every bit the geeky little nobody you were – and still are. You told all your friends that you hated cruel snobby Kendra. So why did you scream her name when you pumped your pillow with loser goo every night?… You’re still pumping it for Kendra. Aren’t you. Geek.

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