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How Tiffany Used Your Weakness for Her Panties to Destroy You

“Remember my silky pink panties? The ones I used to get you fired from your job and divorced from my mom, when I was a college freshman? Hmm, step-daddy? I bet you’re still a weakling for Tiffani’s cute panties. Aren’t you, dumb-dumb. I bet I could make you fill my panties with your yicky DNA all over again…”


You Are Amazon Becky’s Laughable Little Shopping Slave

“When I took charge of your puny little prick and turned you into my stiletto shopping slave, I told you that you would get NOTHING in return except BELITTLED by me. Look how I tower over you, you little runt. Take out your teensy pecker and BEG to make a piddle for your Amazon Goddess…”


FACE FUCKED: Pledge Mistress Missy finishes You Off in Front of the Sorority


Total Emasculation Part 2: Nikki and Jen Destroy Your Dignity


Panty Wimp: Scarlett Intimidates You into Jerking Her Panties with Your DNA


Still Hot for Teacher: Sexy Miss Selena Instructs You to Jerk It for Her

“How many gallons of worship goo did you jerk into your fist for me, back when I was your teacher? I knew you were puppy-pants for me. That’s why I wore short skirts and hi heels – to tease your cute little tent-pants boner. You still jerk it to Miss Selena, dont you? Now I’m going to teach you how to cum, bad boy…” 9 minutes.
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