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Princess Luna Trains You to Take It Like a Good Sissy Fuckbrat

“You need to learn to ride a cock like the sissy bimbo bitch you were meant to be. And I’m gonna teach you how to do it. I’m going to work that tight little sissy skank pussy of yours until you are ready for my Princess Luna ten-inch strap-on. You’re going to suck it and fuck it, Miss Bitch Panties….”



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Princess Ashleigh Asks Becky to Help Train You to Serve Her

“Since I can’t take you seriously as a man, you can make yourself useful to me in other ways, like being Princess Ashleigh’s sissy bitch boy. I asked Becky to help me train you to deep-throat a dick, like the nasty little slut I want you to be. You’re gonna be such an obedient little sissy slave for Ashleigh. Aren’t you?…”


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Bratty Brooke Blackmails You into Becoming Her Cockwhore

“I love seducing my girlfriends’ weak daddies into sexually compromising positions and then blackmailing them into becoming cocksucking sissy whores for me. You are going to learn to suck cock to please my clients or I will ruin you. Pay close attention to my cocksucking instructions unless you want me to pimpslap you…”


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Danielle Wants You to Luv Big Black Cock as Much as She Does

“Do you love Big Black Cock? You should. Your little cock is nothing compared to this. Why don’t you crawl on over here so you can get a good look at what a real cock looks like… and a big taste too of Big Black Cock. See how far you can slide it down your little sissy throat before you gag on it…”

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Cheerleader Missy Bullies You into Sucking Cock for Her

“I found out that you secretly wish to be coerced into sucking cock. Well, now you have no choice. Because you’re getting your face fucked tonight – after I train you to suck dick and swallow cum, my way. Can you guess whose jizz is going down your throat tonight? I can’t wait to pimpslap his cock across your face…”


Becky and Paige Make You ‘Measure Up’ or Suck a Real Man Cock

“Real cocks are 8 to 12 inches long when erect. They’re nice and thick too. My girfriend Paige and I are going to measure your dick. If you please us? You’ll be rewarded with a blowjob. BUT if you turn out to have a pin prick or a runt dick, you will be the one GIVING a blowjob tonite. Ready to unzip for us?…” 19 minutes
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Your BJ Trainer Sari Teaches You to Gag on a Big Black Cock

“Get on your knees now. Your dick-sucking technique is pathetic. I’m going to shove this big black dildo between your lips to teach you how to deep throat a cock and use your gag reflex to make his jizz shoot down your throat and all over your sissy fuckface. Start sucking for Princess or I will cock slap you….” 5 minutes
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Cocksucking Practice with Princess Hanna

Princess Hanna thinks you’re pathetic. She let you into her bedroom but you’re too feeble to fuck her. Since you’re such a wussy maybe you need to learn what it’s like to lick, suck and swallow a big bad fuckwad of dick, yourself. Hanna shoves dildos down your throat, spits into your mouth and teases you for being such an eager cocksucker. By the time Hanna finishes you off, you’ll be ready to suck cock for real. 16 minutes. 
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Dani & Cobi Primp You Up & Pimp You Out

Princesses Danielle and Cobi are gonna get you ready for Halloween by stripping you of your ridiculous real-man costume and dressing you up in something that truly fits you: sissy slut lingerie. Dani and Cobi are gonna make you practice sucking dildos before they command you to suck their drunk, horny boyfriends’ alpha male cocks. That way you’ll be going to the costume contest totally humiliated – with hot jizz blasted all over your slut face. Slut. 6 minutes. 
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