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From Male Dom to Sissy: 50 Shades of Pink with Goddess Selena

“So, you think you can dominate Goddess Selena? You want to give Selena the ’50 Shades’ treatment? Okay, stud muffin. Go for it. But be warned. Only one of us is going to rule this relationship. And I intend on turning your closet-sissy, coward, bitch boy, wimp ass 50 Shades — of Pink…”



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Princess Brooke Gives You a Merciless Punishment Fucking

“You thought I was some feisty little ‘fuckbrat’ you could have your way with, huh, Mr Macho? Well, I’m a kickboxer, you idiot. I love taking men twice my size and beating you and then fucking you with my big bad strap-on cock until you scream, ‘I’m your sissy fuckbrat, Princess Brooke!’….”

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Goddess Selena Lets You Choose the Outfit She’ll Wear to Peg You

“I’m taking you into the bedroom tonite. You’re going to kiss my ass and worship my stilettos. And then? I’m throwing you down on the bed to give you the good hard ass fucking you’ve been begging for with your prissy attitude. The only choice you have is what S/M outfit I’m going to wear to dominate you…”

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Stephanie Sez: “Everything He Does to Me I’m Going to Do to You”

“My new boyfriend loves rough sex. I told him what a sissy wimp cuckold you are. After we finished laughing at you, I told him that whatever he does to me with that big nasty cock of his tonight? I’m going to come home and do to you afterward – with my strap-on cock. Are you scared? You should be. Wimp…”


Jaycee Wants You to Be Her Submissive ‘Sissy Lesbian Girlfriend’

“Nothing’s more fun than bringing a closet-bitch boy like you back to my bedroom under the pretense of a good hard fuck. I love it when you kick and squirm as I pin you to the bed to show you who’s in change. Next time, you’ll know I mean business when I tell you to suck and drool on it. Won’t you, fuck-brat?” 5 minutes.
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Humiliatrix Trainer Stephanie Puts You Thru a Punishing Workout

“You pathetic excuse for a man. Put on some pink tights and drop to your knees. First you’re going to choke down a very special protein shake, courtesy of my bodybuilder boyfriend. Then you’re going to do toe-kiss push-ups at my feet. If you fail? I’ll be right behind you to keep your pansy-ass motivated…” 4 minutes
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Cheerleader Tiffani Transforms You into Her Strap-on Sissy Slut

“I promised if you lavished me with girlie gifts that I’d grant your dream – I’d put on my cheerleading uniform and give you a special night in my bedroom. Well, you got me everything I wanted. Now it’s time for your reward, tee hee. You’re gonna put on that powder-puff pink lingerie set you bought and bend over, sissy…”


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Princess Selena Pounds Your Sissy Pussy – with Your Own Cum

Princess Selena commands you to jerk the contents of your worthless little cock onto the head of her strap-on dildo, so she can use your ‘loser lube’ to give you a good, hard ass-fucking. Lie on your back, hold up your ankles, and prepare to have your own cum crammed back up your ass by Selena, as she gives you a ferociously rough punishment fucking…

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Pussy Needs A Pounding: Princess Selena Gives It to You GurlyStyle

When dominant Princess Selena said her pussy needed a good pounding, didn’t you realize she’s talking about YOU, stupid? Selena set a trap for you in her bedroom. She’s going to strip you, flip you, pin you to the bed, force your ankles over your head and make you look her in the eye as she demonstrates on your pansy ass exactly how a woman wants to be made love to. Yer gonna spit out the sissilube and take every inch of her giant purple sissybuster.

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Pimped Out By A Princess: Fitness Trainer Brandi forces You To Pucker Up

You better suck it up, wimp. For real. Sadistic Fitness Trainer Princess Brandi is back to abuse you with a harsh new workout – one that you’ll do down on your knees, with your lips wide open. After she forces you to practice on her massive pink strap-on, Brandi’s gonna pimp you out to the boyz at the gym, so you can taste the real thing. It’s time to put on a lacy pink leotard and pucker up for your princess and her boytoyz, little miss sissylips!

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