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Princess Tiffani Locks Her ‘Puppy’ into His Confinement Cage

“Does Princess Tiffani’s puppy want out of his cage? You can’t even wag your tail, can you? Poor widdle puppy. Awww look at the little cutie in his cage! Should I let you out to play? Will you be a good puppy for Princess? Or are you going to try to hump my leg and make a naughty mess all over my pretty high heels?….”


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Beg for Permission to Kiss Goddess Vika’s Amazing Ass

“I know what you want. You want my ass. It’s the best you can hope for, right piggy? Because you know you’re not worthy of my pussy. So beg. Beg to bury your pig snout in my ass. Beg to worship it. If you can impress me with just how desperate to degrade yourself you are? Maybe I’ll let you. Filthy piglet…..”



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Kendra Puppy Trains Her Naughty Young Boyfriends with Chastity

“See this chastity cage? I want you to think of it as your punishment crate. It’s where I lock you when you disobey or displease your mistress. Good little puppies get playtime and special rewards. Disobedient little puppies get the punishment crate. Do you want a treat, little puppy? It’s time for your obedience lesson…”


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Princess Heather Punishes Her Naughty Chastity Puppy

“You are a very bad little puppy, trying to hump my leg and make your dirty little boner sputter all the time. That is why Princess Heather has to keep puppy in his penis prison. How can I wear cute outfits like this if you’re going to make puppy squirts all over the place? No! Bad! Naughty puppy!…”


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Goddess Selena Puppy-Trains Your Worthless Sputtering Pecker

“If you think you’re gonna piddle my panties with your wussy cream when I’m out cuckolding you, you are wrong. I obviously need to puppy train that pecker of yours to obey me. Get on your knees so we can begin your obedience training lesson. I’ve got a few basic commands I need you to learn: heel, beg and CUM…”



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Prove That You’re an Ass-Kissing Jerk Pig for Amy and Amber

“When most normal guys see a hottie in a sexy bikini they think about getting into our bikini bottoms and fucking us. But when a pathetic, hopeless jerk-pig like you sees us in our bikinis, you think about getting on all fours, oinking, kissing our asses and jerking your pigtail. And now you’re gonna prove it to us, oinky-bitch…”

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Becky and Tiffani Force You to Fuck Your Pigsnot-Crusted Pillow

“Eewwww! You are a filthy, disgusting oink pig. And you don’t ever get to cum unless you are in the act of humiliating yourself while we degrade you and laugh at you. So, you’re gonna plug your ass, and wriggle around on your humpy pillow, until we decide we’ve abused you enough to give you the cum command…”

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Princess Tessa Puts Her Pay Piggy in His Proper Place

“Making you wear a chastity cage and pig nose in my presence are among the ways I deprive you of your dignity and strip you of your manhood. Your willingness to get on all fours and degrade yourself in my presence determines whether I will be keeping you around to amuse me or relegating you to the pig pen…”

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Princess Tessa Degrades You as Her Pathetic Little Pay Piglet

“Your willingness to humiliate yourself at my whim is a source of great amusement to me. How low will you go for Princess? Would you wear a pigsnout, in addition to your pigpen chastity cage? Would you oink like a filthy pig to worship my pretty feet and perfect bottom? Here piggy-piggy…”

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Princess Tessa Plays Fetch with You: Little Mister Puppy Pants

“Aww… Is poor Mr. Puppy Pants frustrated from being confined in his chastity cage for almost a month now? Bad little puppies get punished. But if you’re a good little puppy, Princess will give you a special treat! Would puppy like that? Let’s play ‘fetch’ and see just what a good puppy you can be…”


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