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Girls’ Night In: Tessa Turns You into Her Sissy Dress-Up Doll

“While my boyfriend is away I thought it would be fun for us to have a special night together. No, not a date, silly. You know I don’t think of you as a man. We could have a girls’ night in! Do each other’s makeup and nails, drink cocktails, try on lingerie, and shop for sexy clothes and shoes to seduce cute guys…”

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Naked Princess Heather Taunts You with Her Drooly Bubblegum

“All I need to turn you into a pathetic little puddle is the promise of my naked body and a juicy wad of drooly bubble gum. I am going to tease and taunt you until you are blueballed, mindfucked, broken down and begging me to dangle you, chew you up, spit you out, wrap you around my pinky and destroy you.”

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Panty Pussy: Mean Girl Heather Puts You in Your Panty-Sniffing Place


Missy Snaps Her Gum and Sneers at You as You Choke Your Worthless Cock and Cum

Missy looks hot in the red lingerie you got her for Valentine’s Day. Too bad she’s wearing it to tease and humiliate you! Missy bet a girlfriend she could make you cum by making you watch her play with her gum. But you better hurry. Missy’s boyfriend is coming over for his Valentine blow job. Which means you’ve got like three minutes to fuck your fist and lick your palm clean for Missy. Weakling. 7 minute video.
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Wrapped Around Her Finger: Tiffani Uses Her Gum to Make You Cum

“All I need to do is snap my gum and blow a juicy bubble and you are helplessly wrapped around my Princess pinky. Imagine if I wrapped my girly gum around your sputtering little cock? I bet my girlfriend that I could make you cum with nothing but a wad of my drooly girly gum. Think you can resist Princess Tiffani?…” 8 minutes
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Take the Loser Loyalty Test with Evil Princess Becky

“So, wussy. It’s your stupid loser wedding anniversary. You can buy your wife that gift or you can give it all up for me, evil Princess Becky. You can go home and fuck your wife, boring style. Zzz. Or I can turn you into my sissy fuckbrat and take all the cum from you, Becky style. It’s your choice, nawtee bitchboy, LOL…” 10 minutes.
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Cheerleader Michelle Catches You Jerking

What the fuck!?! Princess Michelle comes home early from cheerleading practice to find you in her room getting ready to jack your little cock into her dirty panties. You are so busted, loser. Michelle cracks her bubblegum and commands you to jerk it – so she use your cum in her panties to destroy you. 3 minutes. 
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Princess Remi Puts You through the ‘Gum Cum’ Tease Challenge

After keeping you teased and totally denied, Princess Remi puts on a plaid skirt and ankle socks to bring you to the brink of agony. Remi laughs at your distress and bets one of her girlfriends that she could make you cum just by chewing a piece of gum. Think you can stay stiff like a man? Or will you flood your wimpy panties with puppy squirts for snarky Princess Remi?

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Pigsnot for Princess: Will Snarky Princess Remi Command U To Cum?

Princess Remi reams you out for being a pathetic little fistfucker, pulling your worthless pigtail at, hoping for the cum command, so you can plaster your computer screen with pigsnot love squirts for your goddess. Will Remi command you to cum after she finishes abusing you? Or will she dismiss you with nothing but a throbbing stub and fistful of precum?

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