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Intern Katie Destroys Your Date and Blackmails You into Cumming

“Look at you! All dressed up for a date? Too bad. I WAS going to let you worship my feet tonite after work. Maybe even give you a foot job. But I guess you need to go on that date, huh. Or you could get down on your knees, kiss my boots, suck my heels and sniff my toes thru my pantyhose. It’s up to you, weakling…”




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Princess Tessa Puts Her Pay Piggy in His Proper Place

“Making you wear a chastity cage and pig nose in my presence are among the ways I deprive you of your dignity and strip you of your manhood. Your willingness to get on all fours and degrade yourself in my presence determines whether I will be keeping you around to amuse me or relegating you to the pig pen…”

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Cuck Goddess Remi Makes You Riddle Your Sissy Panties with Cum

“I’m going on a date and won’t be needing my steamy black panties. You can wear them over your face. Then you can pull on a pair of sissy panties to worship my legs, suck on my spike heel and hump the carpet — while I assail your manhood until you load those panties with Princess Remi sissy squirts…”

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Cruel Kendra Sissifies and Spanks You in Her Silky Stockings

“Since you are obsessed with sniffing and fondling my stockings, I’m going to pull a pair of my lacy nylons tight over your chastity cage, beneath an adorable sissy maid dress I got for you, so that you can do your chores properly attired. First I’m going to scold and spank you, across my silky lap, in your humiliating attire…”kenSPK_0006_layer1 kenSPK_0005_layer2 kenSPK_0004_layer3 kenSPK_0003_layer4 kenSPK_0002_layer5 kenSPK_0001_layer6 kenSPK_0000_layer7

Bratty Becky’s Rules for Stepdads, Sugardaddies & Wimp Boyfriends

“I explain how any sorority girl can break, humiliate and train her loser stepdad, her wussy sugardaddy, and her wimp boyfriend by manipulating his weaknesses and using his fetishes to control him. I demonstrate how to tease him into becoming a helpless jerk puppet and entrap him into the chastity cage…”

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Office Chastity: Boss Selena Binds Your Balls with Her Pantyhose

“I’m sick of seeing your little prick jump to attention every time I cross my legs or bend over. I’m going to tie my dirty pantyhose painfully tight around your worthless cock and balls and bind them tight around your waist. With your dick and balls in pantyhose bondage, we’ll see if your macho attitude improves…”

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Goddess Kendra Gives You a Taste of Your Fuckface Cuckold Fate on Valentine’s Day

To finish off your Days of Denial humiliation, Goddess Kendra commands you to cum into the dirty condom of your hated rival. But before you spunk your cuckload into his filthy XL fuckbag, you have to slurp down all his alpha male jizz – just like the dominant woman who owns you is going to make you lick her stud’s cum from her snatch after she cucks you on Valentine’s Day! 8 minute video & 31 worship pix.
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Early Release: Selena Frees You from Chastity to Teach You a Humiliating Lesson

Your Boss Selena heard you were planning to take a trip to a strip club upon your release from chastity, before Valentine’s Day! Really? Selena decides to unlock your chastity cage to teach you a humiliating lesson. When you learn what she’s gonna do to you, you are going to be scurrying back to your cock cage like the scared little puppy you are… 7 minute video & 12 worship pix.

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Worship Goddess Tessa’s Feet in Nine Different Pairs of High Heels

“By the time I’m done trying on shoes and teasing you with my stockings, legs and feet? You’re going to have rug burns on your knees, silk strands in your mouth, and a flood of pre-cum in your pants. Now kiss each of my stockinged toe tips and repeat after me: ‘I’m Tessa’s simpering foot wimp’… Kiss and repeat, again… “


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Dr. Kendra Seizes Upon Your Fetishes for Sexy Legs, Stockings and Stilettos

Is it hard for you to focus your thoughts when your therapist habitually wears short skirts, stockings and stiletto heels to your sessions? Stop your stuttering and muttering. Tell Dr. Kendra all about your frustrations – and try not to look up her skirt or at her glittery ankle bracelet – or her 4-inch pumps – as she crosses her legs and dangles a heel before your eyes. 
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