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Cruel Amy Seduces Your Boss and Cuckolds You in Panties

“I invited your boss over to see if I could save your job. The good news for you is that he agreed not to fire you. The bad news for you is that he’s the new man of the house — and you’re going to be wearing panties and a butt plug from now on. Sissy. Now get on your knees and start worshiping my feet, you sorry little loser…”


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Goddess Tessa Uses Her Open-Toe Sandals to Weaken You to Tears

“I know you dream about being my personal foot slave. To maintain my shoe collection, pay for my pedicures, and give me toe kisses when you’re a good little foot slave. No, you don’t get that. Not until you earn it. Are you on your hands and knees for me? Are you ready to prove your devotion to me?…”



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Bikini Brat Missy Teases You with Her Sexy Shoes and Tiny Toes

“It’s hilarious how fast I can make your boner snap to attention for me. It’s like snapping my fingers. All I have to do is saunter in from the pool in my bikini, cross my legs, kick off my high heels, and make a couple of snarky faces as I rub my toes under your nose to make your boner start to sputter in your dork pants…”


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Deviant Psychology Major Missy Is Your Sadistic Therapist

“To complete my degree in deviant psychology, I need to do fieldwork using actual subjects. You’re gonna be my first client. I have some experiments I have been eager to try to test my theory on the fragility of the male sexual psyche. All you have to do is sign this waiver. I’ll handle you from there…”

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Remi Reduces You from Panty Sissy to Dick-Sucking Submissive

“Once I put you into my panty trance, it’s over for you. You will wear panties for me. You will force that pink butt plug between your cheeks. You will drop to your knees. You will suck the heels of my shoes. You will admit you want to suck cock for me. And then you will prove it for Princess Remi. Isn’t that right….?”

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Your Exxx Kendra Trains Your Caged Cock like a Pavlovian Puppy

“I hardly even need to lock you in that chastity cage. All I need to do is put on stockings, heels and an ankle bracelet to keep you under my control. You’re like a puppy who’s been broken and is finally ready for training. This is how I like you. Total capitulation. A snivelling, groveling, toe-kissing mess…”

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You Are Princess Tessa’s Helpless, Dangling Puppet

“I dangle a shoe from my pretty foot to make you aroused. I dangle your chastity key from my wrist to give you false hope. If I could, I’d shrink you down to the size of a trinket and dangle you from my ankle bracelet. You’re nothing but a pathetic little puppet to me. It’s time for Princess to pull on your strings…”

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Chastity Release? Princess Tessa Grants You a ‘Shoegasm’

“Aww. Why the sad face? Is it because I’ve had you locked up in your chastity cage for weeks and weeks without any hope of release? How would you like it if I let you have a ‘shoegasm.’ Do you know what that is? Get on your hands and knees at my pretty feet. And we’ll have one together…”

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You Are the Helpless Foot Slave to Your New Step-Dommy Ashley

“Now that I am engaged to your daddy I’m no longer your girlfriend, I’m your ‘step-dommy.’ As your new disciplinarian, I’m going to be keeping you in chastity and using you to worship and pamper your dommy’s pretty feet. That’s all you get from now on, naughty boy. Toe kisses for your dommy and no relief for you….”

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Cruel Tessa Dangles Her Ankle Bracelet to Torment Your Caged Cock

“I really don’t need to put a leash on your cockcage to control you. All I need to do is put on a bikini, high heels and dangle an ankle bracelet in your direction. Then, all of a sudden, you’re on your knees. Drooling. Awaiting my commands. Hoping I’ll give you a little relief. My pathetic begging foot fool… “

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