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Becky Tells Her Friend Bella What a Pathetic Wimp You Are

“My friend Bella can’t believe what a wuss you are. I told her all about your hilarious fetishes and now she wants to humiliate you just like I do. Maybe she’ll tease your cock with me and then make you fuck your fist for us while we get ready to go out to the clubs. Ready to make the wussy cream for Becky and Bella?…”


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Selena Emasculates Your Manhood As She Prepares for a Date

“Poor loser. While I’m making myself super hot for another guy all you get to do is stand in the corner of my powder room, twiddling your little dick, trying to sneak a lookie up my skirt. Pathetic? That would be a compliment for you. Just wait until I look you in the eye and put you firmly in your place…”


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Your Sadistic Ex-Wife Kendra Takes Ownership of Your Cock & Balls

“The divorce decree went completely my way. I got everything, right down to your paychecks deposited into my account. I own you, even more than when we were married. And I intend to go on degrading and humiliating you — including making you wear panties, a butt plug and this constricting chastity tube…”




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Your Date with Princess Missy Leaves You Emasculated for Life

“My sorority wants us to do something for charity. So I said I’d go on a date with a pathetic, desperate dork: you, loser. That’s right. I’m taking you back to my place tonite. You look nervous. You should be. Because when I finish with you? You’re gonna be emasculated down to your panties. And scarred for life…”


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Your Dominant Boss Selena Demotes You Down Under Her Desk

“You better lose the attitude. Because I’m your new boss, bitch boy. If you want to keep your job, you can start begging me. On your knees. Yes, I am totally serious. In fact, I want you to get all the way under my desk and beg for your job — while you lick the bottoms of my high heels. You heard me. NOW…”

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Goddess Ashley Discovers That You’re a Lying Little Virgin Loser

“You wanted to go on a date with a goddess, boner boy. Here’s your big chance. Are you going to impress me with your manhood? Or are you going to ‘blow it’ — and confirm my suspicions. That you are nothing but a panty-creaming, mama’s boy virgin loser who’s never even been with a girl, much less a goddess…”

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Pornstar Alexis Grace Subjects You to a Humiliating Charity Fuck

“How do you think your pecker compares to the cock of a pornstar stud? I’m gonna let you try to mount and fuck me from behind, just so I can laugh at your puny cock and your lame spitload. After I get done emasculating that little cock of yours, I’m gonna strip your tiny condom off you and feed you your loser goo…”

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Humiliated Co-Worker: Amber & Amy Primp You Up & Pimp You Out

“We know you drool over us at work. But we also know a humiliating secret about you. You’re coming out to happy hour with us tonite. We’re gonna get you drunk, bring you to a hotel, strip you, emasculate your little cock, paint your face, slap you into panties, and then send you to the hotel bar to suck a cock for us…”

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Grad 8: Goddess Harley Rae Teases and Denies You with Her 36DDs

“While I’m getting ready to cocktease a hot frat guy into hooking up with me, I decided to take five minutes out of my busy evening to put you in your loser place and remind you why you could NEVER get a girl like me. I’m gonna tease you with my amazing DDs till you’re covered in drool and slimed in precum…”

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Inadequacy Drills with



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