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Remi and Becky Ridicule and Mock Your Laughable Loser Cock

“Becky was telling me how worthless, useless and tiny your pecker is. She even showed me the pink, baby-sized rubbers you keep on hand in case a woman takes mercy on you for a charity fuck. But I want to SEE your little cock for myself. I want you to unzip and show me just how riDICKulous you are…”


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Bikini Brat Remi Degrades You in the Sorority Bathroom

“Are you an idiot? Or are you trolling for punishment? I expected the sorority bathrooms to be spotless this morning. But there are dirty condoms and messy tampons in the trash. And now I’m going to use them to humiliate you. Crawl over here, sissy bitch. You can start by cleaning the toilet…”

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Tessa Taunts You to Tug on the Strings of Her Bikini Bottoms

“Would you like to tug on the strings of my bikini bottoms? With your teeth? Even if I let you, there’s still the matter of your chastity cage. Aww. So pathetic. You can’t even have me in your dreams. Unlike my boyfriend. Who’s gonna be pulling down my bikini bottoms as soon as I finish tormenting you…”

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Bikini Goddesses Tiffani & Becky Re-Addict You to

“We are going to poison your little pea brain with Princess perfume until you are on your knees with your little dick in your fist, awaiting the cum command as we point at you, ridicule you, and turn you back into our jerk-addicted slap toy. You don’t get to cum until you are a stuttering muttering helpless little fuckwit…”

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Tessa Parlays Your Desperation to Cum into Pedicure Slavery

“Since your already down on your hands and knees, begging, pleading and drooling over me in my bikini, why don’t you make yourself useful. I need a pedi slave. Think you can handle it? If you can make my toes as perfect as I am, maybe I’ll free you from your chastity cage — for twenty or thirty seconds…”

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Bikini Bitch Sari Laughs as You Jerk Your Desperation Boner for Her

“If my new bikini gives you a desperation boner, I know my boyfriend’s gonna love it — and fuck me good and hard, after I baby oil his cock by the pool. And what do YOU get, boner boy? You get to spank your little dick into your dog dish as I laugh at you. Then lick it up, while I grind your face into your jizz with my foot…”

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Missy Turns You into Her Sorority’s Humiliated Toilet Slave

“My sorority needs a bathroom bitch. Someone to scrub our showers and toilets. To keep us stocked in beauty products, birth control and tampons. But don’t worry about keeping us stocked in toilet paper. I had an even better idea. Get on your hands and knees while I pull down my bikini bottoms, wussy…”

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Cruel Tiffani Cuckolds You with Your Rival’s Real-Man’s Cum

“I’m bored with all the jewelry and clothes you give me, bored with the way you let me slap you around and abuse you. So today? I fucked your superior in our bed and saved his dirty condom. That’s your dinner, sweetheart. And as far as sex goes? You can sissy-spank yourself off into his condom. While I laugh at you…”

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Amber Makes You Show Your Pathetic Package to Her Friend Amy

“The only reason I invited you over to the pool is so my girlfriend Amy could see just how hilarious you are between your legs. I told her that you’re like a girl in bikini bottoms. So come over here, you little chicken, and SHOW Amy what you’ve got. Now. Or I will pull your swim panties down myself…”

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Goddess Alexis Face-Fucks You and Gives You a Sissy Facial

“Once you admit you are NOT a man… Once you confess you secretly desire to be on your knees, in panties and lipstickā€¦ I am going to make you arch your hips, pry open your pretty little mouth, and make you face the truth about yourself. You are going to get a hot gooey FACEFUL of humiliation tonight, pathetic sissy….”

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