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Goddess Tessa Frees You from Your Chastity Cage

“You have spent nearly a year in a confining cock cage as my chastity slave. Today it’s time for me to unlock your cage and free you from chastity. So that I can belittle and emasculate that festering pimple until you’re so humiliated that you’re begging me to lock you back into your cage…”

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Tiffani Uses Your Dangerous Schoolgirl Fetish to Make You Cum

“It’s hands and knees time for you, sugardaddy. That’s your reward for buying me my back to school wardrobe. You get to kneel before me, pump your little cock up and down and beg for your ‘mercy squirt’ at my feet. No worship puddle for sugardaddy unless you totally degrade yourself for your darling Princess Tiffani…”

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Tiffani and Becky Catch You Jerking Your Tiny Pecker on Humiliatrix

“OMG! We just caught you with your laughable little boner in your fist, loser. And now you’re gonna show us ALL the humiliating ways you jerk it while you’re watching us on Humiliatrix. We’re not gonna let you cum until WE pick the most humiliating way of all for you to finish yourself while we laff at you and abuse you…”

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Princess Tessa Dares You to Challenge Her Boyfriend to a Fight

“I love it when guys fight over me. It turns me on. The winner gets a real-man reward. And the loser? The loser gets humiliated, of course. So. My boyfriend found out about you. And he’s on his way over. Are you going to try to impress me? Or are you going to crawl into the closet and hide there like a scared little baby?…”

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Boot Brat Princess Remi Makes You Give Yourself a Sissy Facial

“You want to worship my boots? You want to lick the leather sole? You want my stiletto thrusting back and forth in your mouth? What you really want is a cock in your mouth and a faceful of cum, loser. And I’m about to give it to you. You’re gonna fuck your own face at my command…”

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Tessa Teases Your Caged Cock with Her Luscious Lips and Tongue

“I like letting you get close to me so I can use my wet lips and wicked tongue to make you suffer. See the way I wrap my gum around my finger? Just like I’ve got you wrapped around my pinkie, huh, weakling. Now, watch me gloss my lips. Does that make you tremble? Why don’t you ask me for a kiss? Better yet: beg me…”

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Foot Goddess Kobe Rubs Her Red-Tipped Toes on Your Blueballs

“If you worship my beautiful feet I will release you from your chastity cage. But you really need to degrade yourself. I’m going to use my toes to torture your blueballs and twist my feet down your throat. If you can prove to me that you are totally owned by my perfect peds, I’ll dangle your key and let you beg me for a footjob…”

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Cheerleader Danielle Knows You Still Jerk Your Pathetic Penis to Her

“Remember when you asked me on a date back in school – and I laffed in your face? How many gallons of loser goo did you spank dreaming about my wet lips and tight cheerleader pussy wrapped around your sad little dingaling? You know you still jerk off to me, loser. And I’m about to destroy you for it all over again…”

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Tessa Mocks and Teases You for Being a Crybaby in Chastity

“Let’s see if you’re up for a little challenge. I just put on my sexy holiday lingerie. Why don’t you come into my bedroom, take a good look at me, and see if you can wear the ‘man-pants.’ Do you think you can do it? Or will you be intimidated by me — and start whining like a little crybaby in need of punishment?…”

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Chastity Princess Tessa Torments You with Her Luscious Red Lips

“Once you’ve been in chastity for over three weeks, just watching me paint my wet, luscious red lips is enough to send you into agony. Which is just where I want you: on your knees for me; enthrall to me; owned by me; enraptured by my every move – while confined within the bars of your penis prison…”

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