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Goddess Selena Taunts and Teases You as She Prepares for a Date

“Look at you. Drooling with your dick poking up in your pants as I get ready for a date. You make me laugh. Staring at my big tits, your dick throbbing as I bend over to gloss my lips. That desperation boner of yours is a pitiful sight. Because you’re not getting anything tonight. It’s ALL for him, none for you…”

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Purple Nails on Blueballs: Princess Tessa Torments You to Tears

“Have you noticed that my exquisite fingernails and toenails are the very same color of your poor pathetic blueballs? I keep my hands and feet creamy white and my nails dark purple to keep you aching for what you will never get from me: mercy. My hands and feet are instruments of torment, to tease and deny you…”

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Princess Britney Teases and Denies You

Cruel Princess Britney uses her wicked French-manicured fingernails and her adorable hot pink toes to tease and arouse you into a state of weakness, frustration and total submission to her. You’d think that after all that begging, blubbering, pleading and drooling she’s about to put you through, she’d maybe take mercy on your bursting blueballs and let them have just a little relief? Mmmm… guess again, loser. You get nothing but stiffie teases, insults, giggles, and total denial. Cuz that’s the way Princess wants it.

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