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Kendra Tells Your Girlfriend You’re a Sissy Then Makes You Prove It

“I had a little chat with that girl you want to hook up with. After talking to me, she’s not so sure anymore. She thinks you’re a sissy who’d be better off with a boyfriend. And you know what you’re going to do? You’re going to get down on your knees and prove that she’s absolutely right about you. Or else…”

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Step Dommy Kendra Teases You into Your First Pair of Sissy Panties

“You look so confused, darling. Always trying to sneak peeks up my skirts when I cross my long elegant legs. But I don’t think it’s what’s beneath my panties that you’re after. I think it’s my soft silky panties themselves that fascinate you. And now I’m going to turn you into my very own subservient panty sissy…”

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