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Governess Becky Prepares You for Your First Spanking

“I might be younger than you but I’m clearly the one in control. I’m the authority figure, I’m in charge and I make the rules. And as Governess Becky, I’m going to be restricting your internet time and inspecting your underpants, little man. If I find anything naughty I’m going to take you across my knee for a spanking…”



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Princess Becky Makes Her Submissive Sugardaddies Swallow Cum

“After you buy me sexy outfits, and we’re back here in my bedroom, you seem to think you deserve a reward. Is that right? Well, not only do you not get to fuck me. Not only do you not get a blow job. You know what you get? You get to hide in the closet while my bulls fuck me. And then you get to swallow their cum…”

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Intern Megan Turns You into Her Ass-Worshiping Sissycuck

“Since you love leering over my butt, I got your sissy butt some frilly panties and a sissy plug. You’re gonna wear them so I can grind my pantyhose crotch into your lap to get me wet, before I fuck my boyfriend in your office. If you refuse to be my office sissy cuck, I will blackmail your sissy ass to the big boss. Got it?”

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How Bratty Sydney Tricked You into Chastity the Very First Time

“You thought I was just a smart-ass brat — until I tricked you into the chastity cage. Do you remember how I did it and what I did to you afterward? You went from being Mr. Big Man on Campus to Sydney’s little playtoy. HA HA. You’re still my little puppet, aren’t you. And THIS is how I destroyed you for life….”

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Breaking and Training a Male Authority Figure with Princess Katie

“You thought you were going to be the strict male authority figure I ‘need’ to control my wild behavior thru college. So, howz that working out for you, daddipantz? Cuz tonite, I finish breaking and training you. Be at my sorority room at 7pm and prepare to swallow your pride like never before…”

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Missy Lets You Cum in a Dog Dish if You Break All the Rules for Her

“You were supposed to keep me out of trouble. Well, not only are you gonna buy the alcohol for my girlfriends and the condoms for our boyfriends. You’re gonna drive us from the sorority dance and get us motel rooms. Your reward for being my slave? You get to kiss my ass and jerk off into a dog dish, Mr Authority…”

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Your Intern Amber Uses Your Submissive Weaknesses Against You

“It only took me a few days to figure out the 411 on your weaknesses. And today? I’m gonna use those weaknesses of yours to break you, blackmail you and turn you into my office pet. We’ll start with my feet. Once I have my toes in your mouth? There’s no limit to what I can do to degrade you and own you….”

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Your New Office Intern Tessa Has the Key to Your Cockcage

“I got hired to be your office intern just to drive an important point into your little peabrain: that I own you. Completely. At home, at work, in your thoughts, in your dreams. Always. Forever. And I intend on tormenting your pathetic little package every moment of your worthless life. On your knees…”

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Homewrecker Heather Borrows Your Wife’s Lingerie & Blackmails U

“It’s me, your babysitter Heather. I found some sexy lingerie in your wife’s dresser and decided to try it on, here in your bedroom. Do you like me in it? If you were a real man you’d probably spank me for what I did. But it looks like I’m the one in charge here. Get on your knees and take out your little cock for me…”

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Your Boss Missy Destroys Your Date & Controls Your Cumloads

“My daddy bought me this company so now I’m your boss. I decide what you get paid, how you spend your days, when you get to go home… But I want more than that. I want your cum. You’re gonna give me every drop, while you worship my ass, so I can send you home to wifey with a red, raw, flaccid, drained-dry dick…”

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