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Goddess Amy Makes You Eat Cum Before Locking You in Chastity

“What do you think you’re doing with my boyfriend’s condom? Are you jealous because he used it to fuck me? Why don’t you just pull his massive magnum over your tiny prick. You can pretend what it would be like to be him, before I lock your little dick into chastity and make you swallow all that cum…”

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Intern Missy Savagely Emasculates Your Worthless Sputtering Penis

“Thanks for bringing me on your business trip, bossy man. Gee, I’m impressed. I wore these stockings and heels to tease your cock super-stiff for me. So. Are you gonna show me who’s the big boss in the bedroom? Come on, I want to see it… Why are you blushing? I said, show me your big bad cock. Now!…”

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Cucky Kisses and Sissy Strokes for Your New Owner: Snarky Princess Simi

Beneath your ridiculous real-man costume, Petite Princess Simi knows you’re a “sim-pering” weakling in waiting, desperate for a dominant little diva to flick you down to size and put you in your place: in sissy panties, at her feet, begging to blob out a worship puddle. So what if Simi’s half your age. She’s got the power and she’s about to prove it to you – by putting you through a diva brat domination session, destined to conclude with an emasculating public humiliation assignment.

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